Reminders from my bird feeder.

I have a bird feeder that hangs right outside my bedroom door that opens into my backyard.


Every morning, I grab my coffee and snuggle back into my bed for my morning meditation, and to watch and listen to the sparrows and doves gather on the red bricks outside the doors.

photo 3

Today was no exception, other than, I had a bit of a negative attitude,  brooding over my day in regards to  the late hours I have  to put in tonight for a project that I have no vested interest in at all.   I was already thinking about tomorrow and Friday and more importantly, the weekend, when I heard a voice whisper, “Today is enough.”  

As the emotion caught in my throat, and I watched the birds feed, I was catapulted back into the awareness of “NOW.”

For the birds, “today is enough.”

For me, “today is enough.” 


Be present minded. 

I have learned so much from my journey the past two years.

About being present, grateful, and mindful.

Yet, I have been distracted by the voices around me, instead of listening to the quiet inner voice.

I took a deep breathe, grabbed my journal and wrote…….reminding myself of what this current journey has taught me.


Celebrate what “is” 

*Embrace your today.  Welcome with open arms the life you created for yourself-  the NOW.

*Celebrate what “is”, knowing that God and the universe will bring you the rest, as you follow your bliss.

*Today is all you have.  This moment is what really matters. What will you do with it?

*Be inspired with what you already have.  Grow deeper roots rather than further conquests. (Kris Carr)

*What you do today, changes the world for tomorrow.

*Surrender the big dreams and visions, let God handle those details and know that for today, just today, you are making the difference that needs to be made.


Your thoughts create your reality. 

Even if we can’t see the change, I truly believe that our thoughts and actions change the energy around us, which in turn,  generates  the foundation for reshaping and transforming the reality we long to create.

Grabbing ahold of my today, knowing that it is enough,


7 thoughts on “Reminders from my bird feeder.

  1. We all need to be reminded at times. The world screams at us to pay attention to it and all its demands, when God wants us to be quiet and awakened to his still small voice….to

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