Release {1}- was Release {3}

It has been such an honor to be a part of the Release {3} campaign that Compassion International put together for current sponsors to advocate for children who are in need of support.

Five days ago, I introduced Jose Luis Geraldo from the Dominican Republic.  He was sponsored within hours of my post.   Read it here. 


Then three days ago, you met Tigist from Ethiopia.  She too, has found a sponsor.   You can read that post here. 

photo 1

Today, I present Babuji Tadu, from India.  



Babuji Tadu is 8 years old and lives on the plains of Koroya. He resides with his uncle, and his duties at home include making beds and caring for the animals.  Soccer is his favorite activity.

Babuji lives in a country with a high risk of child rights violations, therefore securing him a sponsor is of utmost importance.  Sponsorship  of $38.00 a month will ensure all of his needs are met.

I would love to be able to tell Compassion that we were able to find supporters for the three children they uniquely picked out for me.

Answered prayers on behalf of me and the children who are waiting for their special person.

Will it be you?


If you are interested in sponsoring Babuji, all you have to do is use the contact form below. I will send you all of the information and paperwork (one sheet) that needs to be filled out and sent back to Compassion. If you decide, once you get the packet that you can not or do not want to sponsor him, then thats okay too. There is grace in this journey for all of us. Sometimes we feel guilted in to doing something that maybe we are just not ready to do. But there are some of us, that have the ability to do this…….today.

I can’t wait to send off his information to someone soon.

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