Release {3}

One of the best things that Mike and I did, was to adopt a four year old little boy from Haiti, in  2008.

Well, not  literally.

But definitely in our hearts .

photo 1

This is Wilbert Dumont, and we have been supporting him monthly since he was 4 years old  through Compassion International.  This year he turned 10.   It is my dream to one day visit him in his home country.

About every two months, I receive letters from him.



My favorite part are the spaces  he fills with color and crayons.  His recent letter to me, told me about his battle with sickle cell anemia.  I was able to share my own story in regards to living with a sickness,  and we have formed a common bond, as we encourage each other to keep pressing on.  Its been a sweet relationship.  I am grateful that we have the opportunity to make a difference in one child’s life.

So when Compassion contacted me and asked if I would be willing to join them on their “Release 3” campaign to help find sponsors for three more children, I immediately said, YES!!.


We all long to make a difference in the world, and sometimes it can be overwhelming in sorting out just how, when, where, who, what? There are so many justice issues out there, so many needs to be met.   We tend to think that we must go BIG, so often,  we don’t do anything at all.

(remember the time I started a non profit because I thought it was the only way to save the world?)

When the reality is, one simple action, can change a life, and by that simple action you change the world.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.

I am pretty sure for most of us we spend $38.00 a month on frivolous things.   I know some who spend more than that on Starbucks and Boba drinks.

But how would it feel if you knew that $38 could change a child’s life FOREVER!!

Today, Friday and next Monday…I am going to introduce you to the three children Compassion has asked me to try to find sponsors for.

There is nothing in it for me.  There are not paying me, they have not begged me, and if no one picks up the kids, I have made no commitment.  It would be awesome though if there were three individuals and/or families, who would bless these children and change their world……

Child #1.

This is Jose Luis Geraldo



UPDATE:  Jose has been sponsored.  Come back on Friday, when you will meet another child waiting for a changed life.  

He lives in the Dominican Republic and is 16 years old.  He lives with his brother and his mother.  His duties at home include carrying water, making beds and running errands.  Both his brother and mother are employed as laborers.  The average income in his home town is $147.

His picture and story moved me the most because of his age.  Almost an adult,  support for him, would mean helping him get what he needs to develop his potential.

If you are interested in sponsoring Jose, all you have to do is use the contact form below.  I will send you all of the information and paperwork (one sheet) that needs to be filled out and sent back to Compassion.  If you decide, once you get the packet that you can not or do not want to sponsor him, then thats okay too.  There is grace in this journey for all of us.  Sometimes we feel guilted in to doing something that maybe we are just not ready to do.  But there are some of us, that have the ability to do this…….today.



Watch this short video on a young girls response to her finding out that she finally has a sponsor.  (yea….bring some tissues)

The Wait Is Over – Release 3 US Version from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Ready yet?

Contact me.

Let’s  gift sponsorship to Jose.

UPDATE:  Jose  has been sponsored.  😀  Come back on Friday, when we meet our next child waiting for a changed life.  

Why Compassion International?  Its not because of their religious affiliations that I continue my support through them, it is because of their integrity and commitment to DO what they say.  I will send with your packet a flyer on their financials.  I hope to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “Release {3}

  1. Wilbert is precious! I concur with your message that we can make a difference and it starts with one life at a time. We have sponsored children through Compassion International as well. It has been not only life changing but life giving. We journeyed with Hannah from Kenya from the time she was 7 years old until she turned 20. Compassion extended their program until they reach college level. We were able to visit Hannah 3 times over those years. It was miraculous. I will pray that you get to visit Wilbert as well. I love that you have connected so deeply. ❤

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