Monkey Business

When Jordan moved back home to pursue one of his dreams, I gave up my large art studio for a very small corner of a creative work space.

Part of me grieved as I packed  and moved things around to accommodate my son, not because of him of course, but the realization of how much “creating” had become a part of my therapy for healing.

I started to look for ways to continue doing what I love but keeping it simple and mobile. Using my hands in whatever I do, is paramount to who I am.

While living in Guam as a young girl, my mom sent me to both sewing and embroidery lessons.  I loved it.   As I grew up, I dabbled with the  sewing machine and every once in awhile a simple embroidery pattern.  But really, I gave it up for paint, canvas, brushes and all things mixed media.

I recently, came across a sock monkey, and thought to myself, “I bet I could do this.”  and at my first attempt…….this is who emerged.

photo 1

I gave him to Jillian  (he was her university colors) and created more…..

photo 2

and before long, I couldn’t stitch fast enough.

Then I had my first sale.

photo 3


and then I had a waiting list.

Sharons Monkeys


I am now totally addicted to crafting these little guys.

Each one comes out as an original and unique design.


I hand stitch every part of them.  I “think” that is why they are so special.  I love watching their little personalities emerge.

If you would like one, I would love to stitch one up for you or someone you love.  (a heartwarming Christmas gift)  It’s contributing to my healing process as well.  One takes me about 48 – 72 hours to complete.  (depending on the orders ahead of yours)

Here are the current designs I am working with.



The cost $25.00 and that includes shipping.

Feel free to use the contact form below or email me at  Let’s talk about creating a monkey just for you.



5 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Love the story on how this idea emerged! I too, have lost my art room twice to a daughter moving back home (and would do it again), but for me that usually meant the art was put on hold. Love your intuitiveness.

    And even more I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my monkeys!!! Every last detail that makes each one unique! Thank you for all the love and prayer that went in to creating them! ❤️

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