It’s time. Don’t let fear win any longer.

Today’s post is written by Brave Writer Stacey Daze


You wake up, slowly opening your eyes, thinking about what the day has in store.
Or you wake remembering what yesterday was like, both the good and the bad.
You stretch and move and start to fully wake up
when suddenly it feels as if it is sitting on your chest.
That dream.
Not from last night, but from weeks ago.
Months ago.
It’s calling to you again.
It’s asking… no pleading, for you to begin.
You feel the pull.
You know the desire.
You’re not quite sure of the first step, but you know it’s there waiting.

And you roll over.

You go to your “to do” list for the day.

You clean the bathroom and walk the dog.

And as the day goes on the voice calling your name gets a little quieter,
and grows a little lighter as you work to throw it off.

Dear friend, choose differently


The bravest thing you can do in this moment
is throw off the fears
and begin a new course.
The one that is yours.
The one that is waiting.
The one you feel pulling you in a direction you might not ever have thought you would go.
But go, friend.
Be brave today and take that first step.
Be brave.
Don’t allow fear to hold you back any longer.


Stacey Lozano adores her dear husband and is ever so grateful for her oldest, his wife, and her youngest. She desires that all know how to protect themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. You can visit regularly with Stacey at

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