The Hike

the taste2_n


I think sometimes I get ashamed of the darkness.

Not some sin I struggle with,

Or fear I can’t let go of.

Not even depression I need to pray out of.


I’m talking about the real stuff.

The common “Hello, How are you?”

And my response of: “I’m good, How are you?”

I wonder does the average person

My friend or family really want to know?

The real answer to the question.

I struggle with the pain.

Most don’t understand.

Honesty, I wish no one did.

Because, being part of this club.

That is never something I wanted.


I was on hike with my husband the other day for our 2nd Anniversary. He asked me on the way back to the car. “Do you ever get mad you can’t live a normal life? I mean like on days like today.” My Response was quick “Everyday!” “But I will choose today to remember eating lunch and chocolate covered strawberries next to a waterfall with the Love of my life. And forget the wanting to die from the pain to and from that waterfall.” There is still so much out there I want to see!!


The Taste

Today I stop to think

Can I see the mountains?

I stopped and listened,

I felt them breathe

It seems the buildings are tall

And have blocked my view.


Have you ever sat at the beach

Long enough to catch the beat?

The waves crashing

The heart of our world.

Or do you sit on the sand

So busy you can’t hear it,

So caught up in the moment,

You miss the essence.


Have you ever tasted a sunset?

So drawn in you digest it,

It becomes part of you

A delicious pleasure.

Or do you sit

Waiting for the glare to go away

So you can get past your day.


Have you ever sat at the park?

Watched a child play,

Watch fear being trampled.

And innocence so pure

Their eyes see no darkness.

Or is your schedule so packed

Around the corners too far.


Have you ever drifted in a lake?

Looking up at the clouds

And seen the animals playing.

Or are you too distracted

To see the story.


Have you ever touched a snowflake?

One that has yet to touch anything

Have you taken the moment

To see the design.

Or are you so lost

You do not know the difference.


There are moments

Moments that define us.

You do not know they are coming

But you know when they have happened.


There are things you cannot see

From the black box in the living room.

There is life to to live

Outside your car.

Some of the most precious places

Are through a forest

And up a mountain.


But the magic is the sight

You can go and not see.

The lesson is to hear,

And to see so far,

Your eyes can not close.


To capture the moment.

One so divine

You have to remember to breathe.

Mans hands do not make a sunset,

Or draw the sight of innocence.

He can only realize

He is just part of the picture,

The artist is still drawing.



Tiff Martin

Photo Cred: Tiff Martin

6 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. Tiff, I love your authenticity.
    Embracing our lives, living for the moment takes on a new paradigm when we live with chronic illness. I don’t think we can ever answer openly when someone who doesn’t understand asks us….”How are you?” The pat answers of, “oh, I will pray for you.” “God’s got this.” “I will ask God to heal you…(again). ”
    have all been worn out in my book. As if God is withholding things from me?

    So instead, I choose not to answer.
    Like you, I choose to embrace what the day unfolds.
    A great coffee, a walk on the beach, a good book, a sit in the sun.
    All gifts that God has given us.
    Thankful that I can now see them and enjoy them.


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