Every Day

Today’s post is written by our brave poet, Cindy Powell

Simple CG - Beauty of Simplicity  - Simple CG : Simple and Clean Design Wallpaper 2

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I think my words are too simple. Sometimes I get the idea that I ought to embellish them a bit. Fluff them out so they’ll sound a bit less ordinary and plain. But when I do—I lose my authentic voice. When that happens, the One who gave me that voice comes along and reminds me there is beauty in simplicity. There is truth and peace in being who I am, where I am. And there are holy, extraordinary moments hiding in plain sight, waiting to be uncovered in the midst of the simple, ordinary stuff of life … each and every day.

Every Day

In the colors of a brilliant dawn
In the splendor of a moonlit sky

We see you

In the crashing of the ocean’s waves
In the gentlest whisper of the wind

We hear you

In the comfort of a friend’s embrace
In a helping hand extended in love

We touch you

The One we cannot see
The One we cannot hear
The One we cannot touch

We see you
We hear you
We touch you

Every day


Don’t miss the supernatural wonders that surround us every day by waiting for the spectacular. Those big splash moments are awesome, but they are the exception for most, not the rule. Make the brave choice to be who you are, where you are and to live fully in that reality, here and now. As you do, I pray you will see him, hear him, and touch him in simple yet profound ways … every single day.

Cindy Powell has been leading prayer ministries and prayer teams both locally and globally for nearly twenty years. Whether speaking, writing, or praying, her desire above all is that her words will draw others into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus. Visit her blog “Simple Faith” at  http://cindypowell.org

Photo Cred: http://wallcoo.net/cartoon/simple_design/html/wallpaper2.html

7 thoughts on “Every Day

  1. Cindy, your words are simply beautiful. I am constantly amazed at the Father’s communication through His creation (both human and non-human, with and without words). Simply beautiful my friend!

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