Who do you think you are? Alive to Thrive Episode #4.

Today’s post comes from Live Brave founder, Lesley Glenn. 


The wind can really mess things up.

What was once in order is quickly scattered into chaos.

It’s amazing how weather can often parallel our lives.

When the unexpected comes, it’s like the wind.  It messes with our entire being.

We start to question, “WHO AM I?”

We become paralyzed


We stop.  Wait.  Let the winds die down, so we can see through the dust.

To the truth.

Today on “Alive to Thrive”, I share with you how the recent windy weather we had here in Long Beach, CA was in direct relation to what was going on in my heart and mind, after I received my recent test results.

This is the video I NEVER wanted to make.


It is key that we never lose who we are in the core of our being and existence here on earth.

Who are you that God created you, separate from everyone else.  Unique. Rare. Individual. Exceptional.

I have created a .pdf worksheet so that you can also do the “Who Am I” exercise.  It’s a powerful application that helps to retrain our thoughts to the truth of who we were created to be.

I hope you enjoy it.

Who Am I?  (download here)

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Have a blessed weekend.

Live Brave my friends,


Lesley is a devoted wife, and mother, loyal friend and sister, and loving daughter. She is an artist, and freelance writer, a world traveler, a metavivor, and a social entrepreneur. Lesley lives a life cultivating gratitude, knowing that each moment is an opportunity and each day an adventure. She believes that her purpose in life is to breathe heaven on earth by being fully present and living wholeheartedly, and desires to encourage others to do so as well.

6 thoughts on “Who do you think you are? Alive to Thrive Episode #4.

  1. You will be more than okay–in fact you already are. You are (still) one of the bravest people I know and you HAVE kicked cancer’s butt in more ways than you know. Thanks for being such an encourager and an inspiration to me and so many. Love you muchly. ❤

  2. Such GoODness! This time with you each week is so precious to me – I just want to reach into my screen and hug you Brave friend! 🙂 Thank you for this insightful exercise – I’m discovering more every day in finding God’s voice in the silence.

  3. Bless you dear. ((hugs)) Thank you for the reminder that silence is okay. More than okay. Praying for your heart and body.

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