A Lover’s Light. {Part III of IV}


Today’s post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson…

For what is the purpose of life when she lives in fear of the light?

The soil has become tainted by pesticides. That which once shielded me has now become my enemy. I worry that the solution to my newfound sadness is also its source and I am drowning in the unknowns of my paradox

The proximity of my person has become violated with unforeseen confusion and dangers. All that I’ve forsaken for this fortitude has become my ideals of a sanctuary. My comfort zone no longer a present reality in this battle against myself.

I desire not to be pestered with cliches and verses from a leather bound manual that never meant much to me. This Book of Light and Life that holds love letters in red font and old tales that are irrelevant to me. Promises never made to me. Miracles never granted for me.

My selfishness has blinded me to a pinnacle of emptiness. I’ve voided my value by filling my voids with empty promises and ill regards of life’s true values. I’ve become the emptiness that I so desperately desired to fill. The sole savior of my circumstances was forsaken for the adversary of my ambition.

In this silence I shall grow in faith. My roots shall deepen in the soil of His truths not written, but given, just to me. I shall anticipate His words like the breath in my lungs and the sunlight on my leaves. I shall be filled with life and light all at once.

A newness to possess me.
A new love to consume me.

Jazmyne is a young artist who is learning what the true definition of bravery is through lessons of humility, patience, love, and forgiveness. She is currently studying Communications and hopes to, one day, become an influential member of the Journalism world. Her dreams and ambitions are large and, by the graces and authority of God, she hopes for her legacy to reflect selfless confidence. See more of her work on her blog Enlivened, Enlightened, and Uplifted at www.writtenbyjazmynetamar.com.

photo credit: Nebojsa Mladjenovic.

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