Beautiful Scars

Today’s post come from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn.  


The image I see is not mine.


They trickle hotly down my cheeks.

Cancer has branded me.

Scars that mark my battle.

A daily reminder,

Of an enemy that wants to rob me of my identity.

Steal my purpose.

Destroy my future.

That wants me dead.

What is beauty?

I often ask as I look in the mirror.

Is it me?

The scars are visible.

I can not hide them.

Never again smooth and flawless.

Am I beautiful?

I  ask as I look in the mirror?

Tears drop as puddles to the counter as I smooth my hand over a bald head.

My once brightly painted nails turning black.

No one should have to go through this.

Will I ever be beautiful again?

I wonder.

Catching the breath of life in my throat.

Sometimes its hard to breathe.

No one can answer this for me.

The response has to come from deep within.

A well so deep, I’m afraid I might drown searching for the answer.

I am scarred.

I am human.

I am woman.

I am beautiful. 


These were some of my thoughts as I was coming out of  chemo treatment. It was the most vulnerable period of my life, facing my mortality, allowing people in to love me through it. Living with cancer is a daily choice of bravery.  People say we look amazing. But the work it has taken us  to get to that place is crazy hard.  And we do this work, every single day from the moment we wake up. The next time you see, meet or talk to a woman battling breast cancer, tell her…..She is brave. She is beautiful.  She just might be drowning and she needs your words more than you.will.ever.know.


Lesley is a devoted wife, and mother, loyal friend and sister, and loving daughter.  She is an artist, and freelance writer, a world traveler, a metavivor, and a  social entrepreneur.  Lesley lives a life cultivating gratitude, knowing that each moment is an opportunity and each day an adventure.  She believes that her  purpose in life is to breathe heaven on earth by being fully present and living wholeheartedly, and desires to encourage  others to do so as well.  

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Scars

  1. I do not have cancer, but know too many people who are battling it. Different types! It’s so hard to see them suffer and go through something so awful and draining emotionally. They are beautiful inside and out, and they are so upbeat about it not angry or bitter. They are a true inspiration for me. Thank you for writing this & I pray for you as you battle your cancer!

    1. Thank you so much for coming to visit and for taking the time to comment. You are right. There are very few that i have met, who have faced their mortality who are angry or bitter, but rather they realize how much life means and they decide to LIVE IT with gratitude. ~Lesley

  2. Reading this just made me realize even more, what you were going thru right in the middle of this battle – all things I would have questioned in myself. It truly shows how very brave and beautiful you are my friend! With every step of bravery you take to share more with others – you inspire us to be brave. Love being on this brave journey with you.

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