Why you need to visit the layaway counter.

Today’s post comes from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn


Welcome back for another edition of Alive To Thrive.

We all have dreams that we long to see fulfilled.  Fulfilling them is easy.  Believing you can fulfill them is hard.

We tend to believe that we have to earn the right to live our dreams and that it comes at a high price. Not understanding that our dreams have already been paid in full.

Today’s episode is just about this.  Going and taking back what was and IS yours.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Alive To Thrive.  I would love to hear from you and encourage you with your own dreams, and even give you a personal tip or two on how you can start living your dream.  Leave a comment here or send me an email by filling out the response form below.  Everyone needs raving fan to believe in them.  Let me be one for you.

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With Peace and Gratitude,



Lesley is a devoted wife, and mother, loyal friend and sister, and loving daughter.  She is an artist, and freelance writer, a world traveler, and a  social entrepreneur.  Lesley lives a life cultivating gratitude, knowing that each moment is an opportunity and each day an adventure.  She believes that her  purpose in life is to breathe heaven on earth by being fully present and living wholeheartedly, and desires to encourage  others to do so as well.  


4 thoughts on “Why you need to visit the layaway counter.

  1. I so look forward to Fridays and your VBlog!! This is so inspiring! It’s like I have a spiritual mentor. You challenge me to use my voice, work at my dreams, and Live Brave! Couldn’t do this journey with out you! Thanks so much. Love you my friend!

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