The Rainbow Storm

Today’s post comes from our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin.

The Rainbow Storm

She walked in the desert,

Kicking the small rocks aside,

Head down, sweat pouring.

Cracking the tumbleweeds under her feet.

Glancing up to make sure she could still see.

Hands were in her pocket,

Defeat on her mind,

Stuck in this heat.

This land of, rays of sunshine.

The burning of her arms,

The tingling in her feet.

As she cleared the ridge,

There it was, a small house.

The water was gone.

The sun was drifting further down.

Just passed this little house,

She saw it in the sky,

A Rainbow.

Her heart grinned.

Of course there is a Rainbow.

The irony of her life.

She looked around,

For who, this could be for?

No way it was for her eyes to see,

Let alone her heart to feel hope.

Dismissed it just as fast as she saw it.

Her feet kept pace,

Her mind drifted.

What if this Rainbow,

Was Her Rainbow?

In the midst of the heat,

And thirst, she could have found Peace?

She laughed to herself.

I must be loosing my mind out here.

The sun drifted lower,

A relief, with a breeze.

Suddenly, she wasn’t thirsty anymore.

She had an urgency to move.

She needed to find away out, and soon.

Breeze turned to a wind,

Clothes flipping in the air,

Hair across her face,

Walking became harder,

Going against this wind.

Taking her breath away,

Her sight was diminishing,

Her foot hit the porch.

Hands felt for the door,

The bang of the door as it opened,

And it took all her might to close it.



Wiping the sand out of her eyes,

She took a breath.

She found the sink,

As her heart started to slow,

She knew she was safe.

Walking to the bedroom,

She bends down to untie her shoes,

Sand hit the wood floor.

She turned on the light,

A small painting sitting on the desk,

She stared at it.

A smile crossed her face.

Her fingers ran over the Rainbow.

And there in the corner,

Was signed her name.

Tiff Martin

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