Time to Dream … Again?

Today’s post is written by our Brave Poet, Cindy Powell

Wallpaper - Soaring Hawk against the Sky

Time to Dream … Again?
Once alive
Once filled with hope
My dreams grew wings
And soared
But vultures appeared
As if out of the mist
They circled
They taunted
They swooped in close
Clipped my wings
And grounded my once lofty dreams
Time passed
Not all of it kind
It seemed the winter would never end
But slowly
Ever so slowly
The season began to shift
The frost began to melt
The place my dreams had gone to die
Now a new day dawns
With the promise of new life
New hope
New dreams
I stand at the door
Aching to believe
Aching to hope
But my heart is still torn
Do I open the door?
Do I open my heart?
Do I dare
…to reach
…to soar
…to dream

By the time this posts I’ll be half a world away. I’ll be half a world away stepping out, tentatively, into an area where I had once lofty dreams. I don’t know what will happen. Maybe I’ll come home and go right back to life as usual. Maybe everything will change. Maybe it will be something in between. It really doesn’t matter. All that matters is this:  I’m  allowing my heart to dream again. And because I am willing to step out and dream again, I know that whatever the outcome–I’ll have no regrets.

What about you? Is it time to dream? Again?

Cindy Powell has been leading prayer ministries and prayer teams both locally and globally for nearly twenty years. Whether speaking, writing, or praying, her desire above all is that her words will draw others into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus. Visit her blog “Simple Faith” at  http://cindypowell.org
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4 thoughts on “Time to Dream … Again?

  1. Now a new day dawns
    With the promise of new life
    New hope
    New dreams
    I stand at the door
    ……reach, soar, dream!
    I say YES! Rooting for you, with you, together!
    I love how you do all of the above!

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