I Kept Walking

Today’s post is written by our Brave Artist Mariah Neilson


I am sitting here, in the plush velvet chair over looking a stage. A stage that hosted big names. People who started organizations that have made a global impact. I am sitting in a giant old elegant theater, listening to a speaker talk about injustice.

I am sitting here in a cool dark theater. I am comfortable, my belly is full from lunch the air condition hides the heat of the afternoon. I look down and see my charm bracelet. One charm probably cost more than all of what she owned.

I am sitting here comfortably. While she struggles to hold the cup in her crippled hands begging for food. But I kept walking.


I saw her. I made eye contact with her. She looked directly at me. Her words echo louder than the speaker I am supposed to be listening to. She said, “I am hungry. Will you feed me?”

I moved so that I wouldn’t be bothered by her. She was in my way. I kept walking. 

I am sitting in this theater. While she begged for food, I kept walking. 

All pictures are taken and edited by Mariah Neilson through Treasured Hope Photography. 


Mariah Neilson is 20 years old. She is a newly claimed artist, a Live Brave Artist, with a passion for photography, long walks and everything pink. She is in her third year of college,  working on her bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Global Cultural studies. She is a Resident Assistant to about 50 students. Her goal in life is to live a life that is full of grace and compassion. In free time she likes to write and explore this beautiful world around me. Mariah also writes on treasuredhope.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “I Kept Walking

  1. Thank you for your authenticity Mariah. I felt every word as I looked at your photograph. This is always a tension for me as well. The need is so great and yet, we can’t do it all. So how do you know what need to respond to physically and what need we respond by praying? I am blessed that you listened to your inner voice even after the opportunity presented itself. Keep listening dear one, your heart is open. I love that.

  2. She is my beautiful Granddaughter which I am very proud of her. May you always stay close to the Lord by willing to listen to Him and obey what you hear from him. Remember to always fight your battles on your knees, and you will win every time.

    Love, Poppa Mike

  3. This is so hard. I struggle with how to help in these situations, and really, who is actually in need. I struggle because of the expose I saw on TV about people who make begging as if they are homeless their full-time job, how many of them are actually better off than me. And I struggle because those in real need are overlooked, often by me, because I don’t know who is real. Thank you for sharing this…

  4. Beautifully said. We are all in need in some way or another. We all have the same responsibility to help and care for others. Sometimes our giving should be tangible, other times it could just be a smile, a touch or a lifted prayer. Thank you for sharing your inner wrestling. We have all been there. I think its a good place to be, so that we will remain open to his leading. ~Lesley

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