Not My Fight

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Today’s post is written by Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. 

Not My Fight

Where do you go when you don’t feel safe?

Where can you find that peace?

When your earthly protector has failed you,

When all you see is pain

Your life is spinning out of control

You want so  badly to grab a hold

But your mind is racing and your thoughts are clouded

And you realize you are alone

Unprotected, abandoned, exposed

The vultures are ripping you apart

And the world seems to be passing by

The walls you created

The enemy has penetrated

Your defenses are gone

And you stand face to face

Your opponent seems to be the victor

But you have yet to tap the power

For in your corner stands Your Father

Silent and Focused

He has not come to watch

But he will not step in unless asked

As you start to stumble

Sweat pouring down your face

Your arms heavy with pain

Your eyes start to regain momentum

A blow takes you to your knees

You face back to your corner

There he is waiting

His heart breaking at the thought

You can not fight this alone

You have tried and fallen

Your bruised and broken

Finally you meet eye to eye

You Surrender

He runs to your aid

Picking you up

The way only a father can

He gently cleans your cuts

Soothes your pain

As you sit head down

He turns and faces your opponent

But before fear enters in,  the fight is over

Your Father has won

Exhausted and broken you fall at his feet

You see your fight is not your own

The Healer is far more equipped

Your enemy who seems so powerful

Is left powerless

Your father turns to you and looks into your eyes

“Beloved I have never left you

I know you feel alone

Broken, Beaten, and Exposed

But I have come to protect you

You are MY child

Your enemy has no ground here

Your fight is mine to handle

Please rest in my arms

You will be safe there”

My name is Tiffany Martin, and I was born and raised in Fontana Ca. I am the fourth child in a family of Five. I struggled in school but finished my degree in liberal studies in august 2005. I worked with troubled teens and found a passion for helping the unreachable. I lived in Wisconsin for two years and loved the snow. But moved home to California in 2009. I married my best friend in April 2012 and just became a mom of the cutest little girl in the world in Aug 2013.


12 thoughts on “Not My Fight

  1. What a beautiful and poignant writer you are! I felt your words and knew exactly what you were describing. It’s only when we let go of the control and ask God to handle our situation, that He does.

  2. Your writing never ceases to grip my heart with reality AND hope. Thank you for your courage to authentically convey your heart which represents so many, as well as the Father’s heart of truth and love. God bless you beautiful one!

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