Today’s post is from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn. 

I plugged in my earphones, and opened my lap top to engage in my morning meditation/contemplative prayer ritual.


My  iTunes started to play music, and I thought it a tad strange because I had not opened this app for probably a week.  The impression to close it down immediately went through my mind, but I stopped myself curious as to the song it was playing.

Picking up my earphones and adjusting them to my ears….her words pierced through my heart.

Be Born in Me

Be Born in Me

Trembling heart

Somehow I believe,

That you chose me.

Music has left me silent  recently.  Bringing me tears. To my knees. On my face. It has caught my attention at times where I would rather not the tears flowed or my breath caught in my throat.

This song….his song.

Reminding me  about his love for me.  His express desire to be with me. His intention to guide and provide, and fulfill every question mark in my journals, prayers, and thoughts.

Aren’t I, a type of Mary awaiting the saviours birth in my heart, through my life?

Don’t we all wonder why?  Why me? Who?  Who me?

Am I not  a product of the miraculous as I say yes, surrender and allow LOVE to flow through me?

Love,  being God, Jesus, Spirit, the Universe, what ever you want to call it.  He flows through it all.  Because he is in it all.  Through it all.  He created it all.

Did you wrap yourself

inside the unexpected.

So we might know that

Love would go that far?

I am  the unexpected.  But not to him.  I am  his expected.  He knows me, he calls me, he made me.


I’m just a girl

Nothing more

But I am willing,

I am yours.

Be Born in Me.


Lesley is a devoted wife, and mother, loyal friend and sister, and loving daughter.  She is an artist, and writer, a world traveler, and a successful social entrepreneur.  Lesley lives a life cultivating gratitude, knowing that each moment is an opportunity and each day an adventure.  She believes that her only mission in life is to breathe heaven on earth by being fully present.  

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