Choose Perseverance

Today’s post is written by Brave Writer Stacey Lozano

I wish it wasn’t such work some days. I wish I didn’t have to wake up and make the decision over and over. Can’t it just be done once, and then be done? Some people make it look so so easy. They seem to walk around with the will power and stamina and endurance and perseverance I only dream of.

But then, maybe that’s my misconception? Maybe my perspective needs to be challenged.

I remember once, many years ago, I was speaking with a friend from church. We weren’t talking deep, just waiting for the children’s choir to finish up. Suddenly she broke out a few doubts and worries she was carrying, and I was shocked. She had the picture perfect life, and was the picture perfect woman. How dare she be like me in doubt? How dare she show me weakness? That moment changed how I saw her. How could it not?

I believe it was for the better.

Like the popular girl in high school, I never thought much about my friend having troubles or worries. I never prayed for her because I didn’t think she needed it. What I didn’t realize was she needed my prayers, my love, and my friendship just as much as I needed hers. You see, each morning she woke she determined to face the day as it came. Each time she crossed paths with another, she determined to make that person feel heard and seen. Each moment she was faced with a choice, and she made it.


I don’t get to see you struggle with your choices. You don’t get to see my struggle. Unless, of course, we choose to let each other see that it doesn’t all come easy to us. Unless, of course, we decide to share how much we want to give up. You see, we all get up each morning and struggle with decisions. We all face choices and have to make them again and again. And from the outside it might look like amazing will power, stamina, endurance, and perseverance but in reality it is choosing each moment to live as bravely as we can.

So for those of you who keep your struggles quiet, know I am praying for you. Know that I and others know it’s not so easy, even when you make it look that way. And for those of you who willingly share your struggles, thank you. I pray for you, too, and thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone.

Stacey Lozano adores her dear husband and is ever so grateful for her oldest, his wife, and her youngest. She desires that all know how to protect themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. You can visit regularly with Stacey at

4 thoughts on “Choose Perseverance

  1. Thank for this beautiful reminder of the good that can come from choosing to not wear a mask. I have been guilty of it, thinking “why would a casual friend want to hear about my struggles?” But by choosing to be brave, I have found that sometimes it actually helps others to do the same.

    1. It can be hard, and honestly I think there is a time for us to brave, and maybe a time for us to simply be. But yes, reaching out does help the other as much as it does us.

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