The Corner

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Today’s post is by our Live Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin.


The Corner

It was one of those moments

I had to tell myself to breathe.

My head was pounding,

My body shaking,

Pain surging through every inch of me,

Racing thoughts,

But still I lay.

I could see her cowering in the corner.

If I tried hard enough,

Was quiet enough,

No one would see her.

All these words are caught,

Somewhere between my gut and my lungs.

Trying with all of who I am,

Pushing them up.

They must reach my lips.

Then I could stop this,

I could tell the girl in the corner

It’s okay you can come out now.

But I look at her,

Her eyes are so drained.

Then suddenly everything stops.

Silences fall over this place,

This place of darkness.

My head turning side to side,

Wondering what’s happening,

Silent I still stay,

The girl in the corner head is down.

Is she okay?

What is happening?

Then I see Him.

Oh NO! You can’t see this!

This is no place for you!

What do you mean you see me?

Who said you can come in?

Somehow these words left my lips.

Slowly He moves through this place,

As He passes around me

The figures start to disappear.

I am lifeless and exhausted when He turns to her.

Hey! Leave her alone!

His gaze turns to me,

Somehow my heart slows.

I finally feel the air I have been gasping for,

In this moment His warm hand rest on my sweaty forehead,

Rest dear one.

Look around,

You’re safe.

If my body didn’t relax,

I never would have trusted my head.

Somehow my physical body knew

This was okay,

My heart and head finally caught up.

My eyes close.

Swollen and red.

I’m breathing without a thought.

I open then and see Him,

There He is with her.

This mountain of a man,

Holding this dear little thing.

A kiss on her head,

Her eyes open,

A slight smile crosses her face.

I have been asking for you to come.

He looks at her.

Brushes the hair out of her face,

I heard you.

I know.

She takes a deep breath.

And then I feel his arms around me.

I look into his eyes,

No words are spoken,

But the tears are starting,

As my head lay against his chest.

His heart speaks.

Your words, they have power.

This room… has none.

Tiff Martin
Photo cred:

4 thoughts on “The Corner

  1. Tiff, every word drew me in. Every word line made me want to read further. Every word made me want to rescue that little girl. The line that hit me was “Oh No you can’t see this. This is no place for you!” He comes into our most vulnerable, messy, painful places whether we invite him or not. Whether we want him there or not. I love how you beautifully show in your words His tender love. Although I can feel the pain in this piece, it is powerfully and beautifully written. Thanks Tiff!

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