You’re wearing what?!

Today’s post is written by Brave Writer Stacey Lozano

I will admit it: I get horribly awkward around some people. I stumble over myself, my words, and usually make a mess of things. I always get frustrated by how differently I act around them as opposed to how I act around others.

Somewhere along the line I allowed how others defined me (or how I thought they defined me) to become a part of how I defined myself when I was around them. If I trusted a person then I could relax. Otherwise I stressed about how I behaved and what I did and said. Even though I didn’t want to think of myself the way they did I allowed their definition to smother me. In my struggle to prove I wasn’t what they thought, I often confirmed their beliefs instead.

This past year, however, things were different. And I want to tell you what helped me, even when someone was waiting for me to mess up again.


I have friends who use the phrase “wear love.” The first time I heard it in this phrasing I smiled, but it also helped me envision things differently. So, when my path crossed people who defined me badly and I could feel their definition begin to envelop me, I took a deep breath and chose differently. I wore God’s love instead.

I envisioned His love around me, protecting me, defining me, and holding me up. Not only did it affect the way I saw myself, it also affected how I treated them as well. It’s not like I wrapped them up with a bow and stuck them in my pocket to be BFF’s forever and ever. But I was able to release the defensiveness and panic and instead be kind, generous, and loving in my words, actions, and responses. All because I stayed in God’s love and allowed Him to define me.

I know I will need to intentionally make this choice again and again. It doesn’t come naturally to me, but I hope the more I choose to wear God’s love the more I don’t have to think about making the decision. I will just be.

What do you wear? Where do you abide? I think it’s time we were all brave enough to accept God’s love for ourselves, remain there, and watch to see what a difference it makes.

Stacey Lozano adores her dear husband and is ever so grateful for her oldest, his wife, and her youngest. She desires that all know how to protect themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. You can visit regularly with Stacey at

6 thoughts on “You’re wearing what?!

  1. I love John 15:9. Abiding is something I am learning to practice. Not easy as you said. And I agree, we have to be intentional. Thanks Stacey for your transparency. This blessed me!

    1. Thank you, Melanie. it is something I must be intentional about or I simply forget it. It’s crazy. You would think when it works so well we would fall into it easily.

  2. Wow – I do that too! But didn’t realize it until I was no longer in that friendship. I will now remember the clothing of God’s love when I start to feel that way in other relationships. It’s a beautiful image. Thank you!

    1. How awesome that you were able to do it when you needed it without even thinking! I’m growing to be less defensive so that I can wear love more. The two don’t go together so well.

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