Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

imageToday’s post is written by our Brave Poet, Jazmyne Tamar Johnson…

Crushed in humility and flowered with mercy. I am not perfect.
Apologies on the forefront beside fear.
The courage I feigned, wavering at the possible rejections.
I can’t answer all my questions. Why must love be tough?
Why do friendships die? Why can’t I “get it right”?
A whisper in my hardened heart that is now cracking.
You need me. I fear the let down, despite the absence of it in every instance.
I need you. I’m but a bird with broken wings. My feathers charred by hell.
Chains can’t hold a spirit. & slavery is not beaten by the breaking of said chains. No! Slavery is beaten by the strengthening of faith.
Slavery is beaten by praying in Jesus’s name. Tell them all your story of freedom! Sing your anthem of salvation!
And when you’ve made it through and out, don’t forget to mention that name.
Who knew that thorns and nails were the sweetest adornments to place upon a tree?
Who knew that blood could be the peace bringer? The freedom.
I was lost in myself-a slave of inconsistencies and prided lies.
I was awakened and aware, but wrong in translation.
I sought peace where there was only chaos.
I sought love where there was only hatred.
I sought justification for sins instead of deliverance.
But the death means nothing without the Resurrection.

Jazmyne is a young artist who is learning what the true definition of bravery is through lessons of humility, patience, love, and forgiveness. She is currently studying Communications and hopes to, one day, become an influential member of the Journalism world. Her dreams and ambitions are large and, by the graces and authority of God, she hopes for her legacy to reflect selfless confidence. See more of her work on her blog The Precious, at

photo credit: <a href=””>Eric Vondy</a>

10 thoughts on “Rebirth. {A Poem of Redemption}

  1. I was awakened and aware, but wrong in translation.

    When I finally realized that I was reading and living by the wrong translation it turned my world upside down. It is hard to live outside the confines of the box. And I am still learning how not to want to jump back in.

  2. Outstanding! I could hear your voice declaring this. I could see you standing in front of a large, very large group of people reciting this with courage and passion. Your voice matters!

  3. Wow – it’s like you’re inside my heart! This is beautiful, and very moving for me personally.
    “A whisper in my hardened heart that is now cracking.” Yes, faith in Jesus, and being brave are both working together in slowly transforming my life.

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