Where Bravery Starts

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Today’s post comes from our Brave Poet, Tiffany Martin. 


Where Bravery Starts.

This story started long before the pen hit the paper,

We talk about being Brave,

Like it’s just the way we wake up.

The truth is it’s much harder than that.

The Brave soul decides to get up,

And when the circumstances that,

most would just quit, come in.

The Brave soul says, ‘Not today!”

There are moments that forced me to be brave.

This isn’t something I chose,

It’s the reality of my life.

Broken relationships.

So much pain and frustration.

A past that can creep in at any moment.

Sometimes I’m brave to even trust God.

I have wrestled with the whys of life,

Why me?

Why now?

Why is this happening again?

Most of the time there is no answer.

At least not one that changes anything.

When things are stolen at a young age,

You work so hard to get it back,

Only to find it’s not the same.

I’m not the same person I began as.

Sure I’m stronger,

I have insight to problems and people.

The journey it took to gain that insight,

That’s where I got my practice being brave.

When your voice is stolen,

In a tent and the secret begins,

This new life starts to grow.

Who do I trust?

Who do I love?

If God knows all, and sees all,

Does He still love me?

Do I still trust him?

Yes… it’s not the easiest thing to believe.

Brave Souls are not created out of,

the easy moments in life.

They are created when,

you run towards who you were,

because fighting for her is the only way,

to get your Joy back.

They are created when,

You choose to love,

When life has taught you to guard your heart.

They are created when,

Everything inside you says,

“God has not been there.

He has left you alone”

To be beaten down and left for dead.

And you choose to run towards Him,

With open arms.

Because in your heart you know,

if  I could just catch a glimpse of his eye,

I will find Peace again.

Each time those things happen,

I find a little piece of the innocence,

I started out with.

I am Brave because I still choose,

To fight for what was lost.

Tiffany Martin is a wife, mom and a poet.  She shares her story through pen and paper.  She has worked with troubled teens and has a passion for reaching the unreachable.  

Photo credit: http://weheartit.com/entry/26767257

16 thoughts on “Where Bravery Starts

  1. This is beautiful Tiff!! I just envisioned an army of broken, stone soldiers being hit with grenades and having pieces of them crumble and fall off, but they continue to press forward! This was what I needed to get out of bed this morning.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Tiffany–there is such truth and freedom in this! I’m so sorry for the pain on the journey that forced you into “brave” but so grateful you found the gaze of the One who restores peace. This is just so beautiful. You have something to say that others need to hear–don’t ever doubt that ❤

  3. Brave souls are not created out of the easy moments in life. They are created when you run towards who you were becasue fighting for her is the only way to get your JOY back. Tiff, these words touched my soul. I’m so glad you ran, you fought and you continue to run and fight for her, for you! Because out of you comes words that touch our souls with courage! Thank you for these BRAVE words. Awesome!

  4. Tiffany, a great way to release the inside feelings that cause so many to put on a mask to the world. Love ya, glad God had you cross my path as a student of mine. God Bless keep writing!

  5. “You work so hard to get it back, Only to find it’s not the same. I’m not the same person I began as.” This describes a broken friendship of mine, and a truth about myself. The journey of bravery is so hard sometimes, but also exactly what’s needed to become the person God made me to be.
    Thank you for sharing your story to help others.

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