Holding court in God’s royal kingdom

Today’s post is by our Brave Writer, Angela Giles Klocke

Bravely Be YOU!
The little girl points to my tiara necklace and asks, “Why are you wearing that?” And I respond without hesitation, “Because I’m a princess. And so are you!”

At four, she nods and smiles. She knows. She accepts this as truth.

It won’t be long, though, before life itself swoops in and tells her lies. Perhaps the lies will be about her looks, or perhaps about her intelligence. Whatever the case, she is at risk of losing the innocence of wonder.

I want to take her squishy little cheeks between my palms, look right into her blue eyes, and speak words of truth that she will never forget, never doubt.

“You are smart and amazing and beautiful inside and out. You are worthy of only good things, and you should never accept anything less than the best. You are a princess, royalty serving in the highest court possible.”

She would likely giggle and run off to play, but maybe the words would stick. Maybe, in a world full of unrealistic expectations and harsh words, mine would be more powerful.

An adult points to my tiara necklace and asks, “Why are you wearing that? Are you royalty or something?” And I hesitate before I respond, aware of his sarcasm. I’m caught between embarrassment and thoughts of responding with a defensive snarky answer. Instead, I simply say, “Yes, yes I am.”

I don’t watch his reaction. My face is downcast because I don’t quite believe it yet. Soon, but not yet.

When I was four, I definitely didn’t believe it, and a lifetime of pain didn’t lead me any closer. But God tells me I’m a princess, that I am loved and valuable and worthy, and I’m sure He wishes His words would stick, that I would believe Him, even in this world of unrealistic expectations and harsh words.

Each new day, I begin again, adjusting my tiara and accepting my role as a princess. Each day, I get knocked down in one way or another – not pretty enough, not smart enough, not Christian enough – but then I turn my face upward, ask for strength and reminders, and then I square my shoulders again. I walk with the glory that comes from being a princess, a daughter of the Most High King, and I breathe in the opportunities to reach out and remind other princesses that they too are beautifully and wonderfully made.

In this world, I will have trouble. But Jesus has already won the battle, and He has crowned me His beloved princess.

Angela is a writer, photographer, speaker, activist, and princess living in Southern Colorado. She spends her days with family, friends, dogs, an old cat, words, pictures, and God. She can be found online at: angelagilesklocke.com

12 thoughts on “Holding court in God’s royal kingdom

  1. Oh Angela–this is so beautiful. How blessed you are to have discovered the TRUTH of who you are to Him–and what a (brave) honor it is to use your voice to proclaim that truth to others. It matters. Thank you for persevering in your journey to “become who you really are.” (I’ve always loved that quote 🙂 ) Blessings and big hugs to you! (Ha, I’m known for my “spiritual gift”of hugs–hope to meet you in person one day to give you one!)

  2. Ah sweet girl. I take your face in my hands and tell you, “You are a princess. You are beautiful, and smart, and amazing. And your Father has given you such gifts and talents!” And I agree with you for wanting to do that for all. Thank you for reminding us who we are!

  3. everyone should own a tiara!! In a house of 3 little girls we’ve had our share, but they keep breaking! So glad the truth of being God’s princess doesn’t break!
    Living Brave, not broken today!!

  4. In a household with 3 little girls, we’ve had a lot of tiaras floating around, but they all seem broken and gone today! So glad the truth of being God’s princesses never breaks!!

    living brave today!

  5. Oh I love this! And your bravery to answer to the adult, that yes, you are a princess! I’m fianlly learning that what’s important, is what God thinks, not what others think.

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