Brave Starts Here…and a giveaway.

What defines you?

Define – 1 state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of, give the meaning of • make up or establish the character of .2 mark out the boundary or limits of.• make clear the outline of

What explains, expounds, describes, clarifies and/or gives your life meaning?

If you have hard time coming up with what does, how about turning it around and asking, “what doesn’t”

What doesn’t define you?

What shouldn’t define you?

Who are you letting define you?

Before you answer all of those questions, please watch this Ted Talk.  It will put a little perspective on the process of defining ourselves through others eyes.

Amazing right?

Now answer the question.

What “really” defines you?

Your brave starts here.

Come join us over on our Live Brave, Not Broken Facebook page to win this fabulous pair of  handcrafted “Brave Soul” earrings.  Handcrafted by my friend Kimberly Henry at Heaven’s Realm Art Studio. 


Until next time,

Live Brave,


6 thoughts on “Brave Starts Here…and a giveaway.

  1. What defines me? Seems simple, but I didn’t know how to use words to formulate the answer within my heart, but I will try….I am a perfectly created being, designed for love, laughter, fun, and adventure! I was created for the pure delight of my Creator, to enjoy the spoils and pleasures of the earth. I was created to share this beautiful life with another person…my husband. I was created to give life! Being a mother has made me beautiful, strong, BRAVE, kind, and silly! My body was perfectly fashioned to bring life into the world. And my spirit was perfectly fashioned to teach them who they are. Together, all those things have created a world for me where love is real, dreams come true, and people, more than things, are to be treasured.

    1. People more than things are to be treasured.

      My dear friend Sarah, you are so right!! How often I have forgotten that in the midst of life and getting ahead. It has taken a few bumps in the road for me to see with clarity what matters. What really matters. You are an amazing mom and wife. Love you, Lesley

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