How {Big} is your Brave? (remix)

Today’s post is from our Live Brave Founder and Creator, Lesley Glenn. 

I am Brave

It’s always good to reflect.  To look back and see how far you have progressed. [or not]   As my husband recently wrote  in our last post on our Miraculous Life blog,

Each stage of life is miraculous.  Babies are precious, raising kids is revelatory and exciting, and being an empty nester is liberating and overwhelming. Stages are like cocoons and require that you move from one mode of existence/life/growth that is outdated (for you)to another that isn’t- from crawling to flying.  It doesn’t mean that the previous modes of existence or understanding were wrong, it just means they don’t serve where you are at today.  Especially when it comes to faith or spirituality- if the you of 5 years ago doesn’t think the you of today is a heretic, then consider that maybe you aren’t growing.

And for me, today, it is reflecting on how my “brave” has changed from when I first wrote this post in July 2013 that kicked off the Live Brave, Not Broken movement to now.

Just six months ago, it was all about “becoming” cancer FREE.  I had just emerged from seven months of living in the cancer treatment abyss, and all I could think about was getting off this train for GOOD.  I no longer wanted to be part of the BIG “C” club.

But here is the thing, once you are in….you can never fully come out even if you are given the NED (no evidence of disease) result.

And that is where my former BRAVE ends and my real BRAVE begins.

How do I live BRAVE now?

Living authentically me.  With cancer, without cancer.  It’s releasing my voice and not being afraid of






Because all that matters is NOW.  The present.  This moment. This next breath.

My marriage, my kids, my family, my close friends, my passion….


Its not a theology, not a religion, nor a denomination, it’s not a diet, or a fast, or the time spent in prayer, it’s  not the amount of money in my bank account, the amount I tithe or don’t tithe, it’s not  my successes or failures, not the clothes I wear or the car I drive, whether I get mani and pedi’s every month or when I forget to get my eyebrows waxed (going on 4 months now), it’s not how BIG my ministry is, or how many people I touch through my words, writing, this blog or my art.

My {new} Brave is understanding that “rather than finding heaven on earth, I am asked to RELEASE heaven by LIVING on earth. ~Mark Nepo. 

That my friends is a BIG brave right there.

Living authentically me.

Authentically Lesley 

And I suspect that in six months my Brave might look a little different again.


Here is what our Team Brave members say about  what living brave means to them.

Lorretta – I am brave because I choose not to look away from pain or back down in fear. Because I know who and Whose I am  I can be brave and speak truth in the face of lies and speak light into the darkness. I can stand firm and encourage the faithful and reach out to lift the eyes of those who are lost and hurting. I am brave because I am accountable and I can ask for help when I need it.

Toni – I am Brave because I choose to be.  Being Brave means to take risks when failure is more than possible. Being Brave means to pick myself up and dust myself off when I don’t want to. Being Brave means facing forward and choosing to move in that direction when it would be easy to look back and choose fear. It also means allowing myself to be transparent and risk rejection. Being Brave doesn’t mean putting on a face for the world to see. Being Brave means I can allow myself to be weak when necessary, and it’s ok. Being Brave means choosing to live an authentic life regardless of my comfort zone.

Cindy-  I am brave because I refuse to live stuck in the disappointments of yesterday or in the worry of tomorrow. I will not allow the past to define the future. I haven’t handled every challenge of life particularly well, and I may very well stumble again in the days ahead, but I do keep looking up, knowing His grace is fully sufficient. Brave means simply continuing to “show up” for life, knowing “weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

Angela – I am BRAVE because I have not allowed the obstacles of my past to hold me back, and because I speak out about ugly topics no one really wants to talk about. I am brave because instead of pretending my past didn’t happen, I use it to help others. And I am brave because even when I AM scared, even when I DO hide for a while, I come back out. I get back up every time I’m knocked down. I’m always ready to take on the world.

Jazmyne –  I am BRAVE because I don’t confine myself to the expectations of others. . I am BRAVE because I seek the justice for all with a passion unchanged by adversity. I don’t fear ridicule nor do I fear failure. I choose to be courageous and steadfast in my desires to love and live in The Light. I am BRAVE because I have to be in order to live life as I was created to.

Tiffany – I am Brave because… I trust my discernment when meeting new people.  I am authentic. I am a survivor of sexual abuse.  And I choose to love with my whole heart.

Mariah–  I am BRAVE because He is brave. Because of the confidence I have in Him, I know who He has called me to be. Because of Him, I am able to walk with my head held high as a daughter of the King. I am able to forgive my self and forgive others. Because of Him, I am able to live a life of compassion and joy.

Stacey-   I am BRAVE because I am learning how to face my fears. In the past year I have been talking about other people’s self-defense and protection regarding all parts of life: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. As I fight for others I am also fighting for myself.


Now it’s your turn.  How do you define your Live Brave?  We want to hear from you.

Leave us a comment.  Or join our discussion on our Live Brave, Not Broken  Facebook page.


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7 thoughts on “How {Big} is your Brave? (remix)

  1. I am brave because I started my battle with ovarian b stage 3 cancer August 3, 2012. I had my full hysterectomy on my birthday of August 9, 2012. My incision is from sternum to pubic bone, going around my bellybutton. I also have a 2″ incision for a now-removed peritenial port. My initial chemo consisted of 6 rounds of 3 sets a month. I received chemo in my arm (I.v.) and in my belly (I.p.) . Last December was my last intinial chemo making January of this year being considered cancer free. I must add that my diagnosis is 45% ovarian, 40% uterine (endometrial cancer) and 5% clear cell. (I don’t know what happened to the other 10%) Had the uterine cancer been more, I would have been diagnosed as stage 4 uterine cancer. I was *that close* .
    In February of this year, I started a year-long clinical trial having chemo once a month to see if it will keep cancer from coming back. I was told that there is a 40% chance of its return since stage 3 is considered an advanced stage. January will be my last chemo round.
    I am brave because this month, my tumor marker called a CA-125 went over the normal into the abnormal range. Imagine that gut wrenching blow of having to consider that it had come back. I talked to my Oncologist and did some reading on this particular tumor marker number. My Onc said not to worry that other things can cause it to go up. Reading said one culprite is if your liver enzymes are up or if it is malfunctioning. Well, for the last 4 months, my liver enzymes HAVE been up. So now I’m taking Milk Thistle to lower them and I’m standing bravely on God’s word that I AM HEALED. Cancer cannot return in Jesus name! This is how I am living brave.

    1. Thank you Teri. YOU are VERY Brave. You were one of my very first encouragers when I was first diagnosed. Believing with you and walking this BRAVE journey together. Here’s to bald heads and battle scars that serve as reminders to how GOOD our God is. ~Lesley

  2. Dear Team Brave members, You are BRAVE. I believe others will take courage and be brave also this new year because you have chosen to share your courage. I am honored to walk this BRAVE journey with you. As I watched Braveheart New Year’s Eve, I wondered, do I have the courage to live brave like William Wallace? Quote: Every man/woman dies, but not every man/woman really lives. My hope is to really live BRAVE moment by moment and let remix happen as I go.

    1. Mel, so blessed and honored to be on this journey with you. Here’s to REALLY living in the days ahead. (Love that quote.) ❤

  3. You are all such beautiful and inspiring examples of BRAVE! I have learned so much from day one of this blog. My Brave is continuing to use my voice, at the risk of rejection. To share my feelings, instead of stuffing them because it might hurt someones’s feelings. I look forward to reading all of your posts in the months to come.

    1. Sharon, sounds like you’re already pretty brave!! Keep speaking out–you have something to say and the world needs to hear your voice. Look forward to interacting more in the year ahead. Blessings!

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