Words for “Hope”

Today’s post comes from Lesley Glenn, the founder and creator of the Live Brave, Not Broken Movement.

We will call her HOPE because that is what she lives everyday in her war torn country of Sudan.


I do not know much of her story other than she is a wife, a mom to four children and that she is trying to rebuild her life through an organization called “Women for Women”  of which we, here at LIVE BRAVE, NOT BROKEN  are a part of.


I wrote Hope a letter today.

I was at a loss for words.

What does one say to a sister whose  country, community,  and family has been torn apart because of the greed of men – through WAR.  How do you encourage a sister to “Live – Brave”  when you can not imagine the atrocities she has probably lived through.

When her odds of dying in childbirth are extremely high.   Where she does  not have access to medical care, schooling for her children or even clean water.  What words do you use, when her very children are in danger of disease and starvation, and her own life, threatened by ongoing violence.  When she will probably have to have the letter read to her because 96% of the women in Sudan can not read or write.

How do you encourage Hope?  

I sent my letter today anyways.  With my own words of encouragement.  Of Hope.  For Hope. 

But what would you say?

I want to include your words in my next letter to her.

I want Hope to know that there is a community of women who Live Brave in their own  ways, through their own journey’s who are cheering her on.

I need HOPE.  She is my sister.

You need HOPE.  She is your sister.

And HOPE needs us.

Wont you please leave me your words for Hope in the comments section.  I also would love to include a picture of you in my correspondence and those should be sent to my email at Lkailani@gmail.com.

Its the season of gift giving.  Your words of Hope are a gift.

Our Live Brave community has partnered with Women for Women to enable Hope to go through leadership school and learn entrepreneurial skills so that she may sustain her family on her own.   If you want to help us in that capacity, please leave your donation in the tip jar located on  the left side bar.  We currently have committed $30.00 a month to Hope.

I encourage you to listen to this narrative by Alice Walker about The Other Side of War.  

Giveaway:  Everyone who leaves “Words for Hope”  will be entered to win a LIVE BRAVE, NOT BROKEN tank top and a one of kind hand crafted,  LIVE BRAVE necklace.


Words will be accepted until December 31st.

Until next time Brave Women.

Keep on Living Brave.


12 thoughts on “Words for “Hope”

  1. Dear Hope,

    You are one of the bravest women I know. You keep going, getting up each morning, being a shelter for your children, and doing your best for them and those you love everyday. You are amazing. You are a miracle. You are an answered prayer to them all. Your love is big and true and real. The life of so many is better because you are in it. My life is better because I know you. Thank you, Hope, for being an amazing inspiration to so many, and leaving a legacy of love and faith.


  2. Your bravery, sacrifice, and commitment matter so much more than you know–and your life has touched and inspired many you will likely never meet this side of heaven.Although I cannot even begin to imagine the daily struggles you face,I pray that somehow you will know you are not alone, you are not forgotten, and you are loved more than you can comprehend. (Thanks Lesley for allowing others the privilege of joining you in trying to bless and encourage her in some small way. Sending this along with prayers for ‘Hope’ and her children.)

  3. Dearest Hope,
    I reach out across the miles to hug you. I lift you up to the heavens in praise of your courage and love and light. You are the very definition of a beautiful woman — strength and glory, God’s beautiful light shining out on others. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your sacrificial love.
    With love and gratitude,

  4. Dear Sister Hope,

    I am grateful to have this opportunity to bring you encouragement, love and prayers. Just now, I was thinking of the moment you were born and your Mother gave you the name “Hope”…you came as a blessing and a gift from God and your name is who you are and what you bring to the world around you. So, this is my prayer; that you will know the peace that comes from God so deeply that no matter what else is going on, you will be able to spill over with peace to those around you. Like a basket of blessings that’s just a little too full– your very presence will spill over with Hope into the lives of your village. We are praying for you and your children. We are praying for the peace to come to your region and for the violence to end. Blessings on you dear, brave Sister.

  5. Beautiful Hope,
    You are an inspiration. You are brave and radiant. Thank you for being a gift to each person you encounter, as you bring to this world something no one else can just by being you. I pray that, each day, you feel the joy, peace, and love that Jesus holds out to you. May blessings rain down on you!

  6. Dear Hope,

    You are a beautiful, radiant example of being Brave! Amidst the daily challenges you face, you are a caring and loving mother to your children, so that they may one day live a better life. I lift you up in prayer and want you to know that God is always with you and loves you unconditionally! You are truly an inspiration to all the lives you have touched both near and far.
    Blessings and peace to you and your family!

  7. Dear Hope,
    Blessings to you in the precious name of Jesus. I know that you do not know me, and that we are on opposite sides of this world that we live in…yet somehow I think we are very much alike. That strong place that you draw to when you are scared, that place that you find comfort and assurance in, that despite whatever may happen to you today, or at this moment in your life…when you need it…the strength, the courage, the bravery…it’s there. I lived like this for many years…and for many years I did not know who was answering me when my heart would cry out in despair. But he always answered. When the pain was so unbearable that I thought I might not live through it, I would find that place, and he answered…when the pain continued and it did not stop, I begged him to take me away from it, pleaded for him to make it stop, I found that place, and he took me from it…it still happened, but I could no longer feel it. It took many years for me to realize that place that I would draw to…was Jesus. That every time I needed him, he was right there listening and would answer me. He did not always answer in the way that I would have chosen, but he always answered.

    Our mothers teach us what they think we need to know to be able to survive in our world. How to ask for what we need when we are very small, all we have to do is cry in discomfort, and they know…we are either hungry or uncomfortable physically, and they aid us in that discomfort. They feed us, clothe us, wrap us up when we are cold. As we get older they teach us many other things. How to prepare food, how to take care of our bodies, how to treat others, how to react when others treat us a certain way. We are always learning, from the day we are born. We watch our mothers, we see what they do, we each decide in our own minds if that is the way we would do it if it were our choice. I know my Mother did a great job with me, and her other children also. She took care of us the way she had been taught by her own mother, and she added the things that she thought were missing when it became her turn to be the Mom. I did the same thing, I followed what she taught and added what I thought was missing. Hope, I know that you do this also, I see it there I your eyes. We each do the best that we can with what we are given and then we have to make the choice when it’s our turn, what was missing …and what to add. The best thing that we can teach to our children though, is where to to draw near to…that strong safe place that you and I both knew and still know has a name. His name is “Jesus”. He knows us. He is right there listening and waiting to answer. All we have to do is ask.

    Teach your children Hope. Show them your strong ways, lead them by example, but show them your heart, the place where the strength lives, where the courage dwells, when you rise to go on everyday, let them know where that comes from. Let them know what that strength is, let them know it has a name. His name is Jesus. He lives, and resides right here in our hearts, giving us everyday what we need to get through the darkest times. And remember to praise him and thank him in the brightest days. And if anything is missing, when it is their turn, they can add it.

    God bless you Hope. Be strong in Him, and raise them well.
    In Jesus name. Amen.

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