I Rise.

Today’s post is written by Brave Writer, Jazmyne Tamar.


Though soiled with guilt and shame, I stand alive in death and rebirth, in the same.

Coveted by the jealous heart of a Lover beyond all compare and insecure in the image of myself, I’ve been made whole in the image of my Creator.

I am flawless. Bent and withered like dried branches, my vine pruned for the harvest, I ache for thee!

Released from the bondage of gated fruition, I bloom as commended by my Saviour.

Though my petals may be charred by the fire of my flamed passions, I rise in beauty and grace.

Though stained by blood of The Innocent, my crimson hands reach out for the Light.

Ravished by the relentless love of my Father, beyond any atonement that I could ever attain from the lips of a lover and the bodies of a mate, I AM COMPLETE.

I am complete. Though my shredded gown and chipped crown don’t quite qualify me for “Best Dressed,” I am not to be compared to the likes of strangers!

My regality is not to be denied me by the courts of foreign lands, for I am royalty in a Higher Kingdom.

Though fallen, again, yet and still not healed of my sinful sickness, I am forgiven by grace, uninterrupted and relentless.

Today, I smile because I’ve conquered night and in the light, I rise.

Jazmyne is zealous for seeing God’s love reflected in the lives of the broken-spirited and the oppressed. She aspires to use her writing as a means to communicate His love to the world. Her dream is to help raise a generation of Christ-like individuals who help to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. You can read more of her work on her blog: http://writtenbyjazmynetamar.com.

Photo credit: jazmynetamar

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