Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Karen Asbra

Hope – Hold Onto Promises Expectantly

That was our encouragement from our Pastor on Sunday.

However, for me, this is easier said then done.

As I thought about what it means in my life to hope (hold onto promises expectantly) I have to be honest….

I am not very good at it!

There are moments and times when I am doing well but those moments seem to pass way too quickly and too easily.

When I can see the promise or think it may come soon, I am strong, I can stand, I have hope.  It is very easy for me to hold onto.  It is as if I can see that dream, that promise hoped for on the horizon but then…….. life happens.

Sometimes it is the circumstances of everyday life that get in the way and it seems to push the horizon back to where I can’t see it anymore.  Or maybe that horizon is farther away than it first appeared but I became impatient along the journey.

Either way I become hopeless and give up!

But why?  I have no problem encouraging others on their journey.  I would never tell someone to give up on their hopes or their dreams.

I realized that I have to be brave enough to say I am worth the time it would take to reach that goal, that dream, that “thing” I have been hoping for.

I have to be brave enough to believe it can happen to me, not just others.

I have to be brave enough to look past my circumstances.

I have to be brave enough to hope.

So today…….

Hold Onto Promises Expectantly!

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