Today’s post on Live Brave, Not Broken is by our brave writer Jazmyne Tamar Johnson
This poem is a revised rewrite of a piece I had composed earlier this year on a blog that I retired. Enjoy 🙂

As endless as the heavens in all their infinite splendor, I find my eyes sparkling with the same delight as the stars in the galaxies. Twinkling with endless opportunities to shine with unmatchable beauty and shameless brilliance. Confidence burning like combustible gases of marvelous creativity and endless love.

I’ve found my niche in the universe, my pocket in the systems of existence. Not finding my infinite value and apt placement in the arms of any finite being disguised as infinite promises of integrity and sustenance. Not finding my joy in being acknowledged as relevant to the likings of any man! I am a woman with a brilliant light that requires no telescope for anyone to see it.

My eyes have been opened to the awareness of myself as I have seen my shine in the Seas of Truth and not felt my purpose in the Arms of Comfort. The arms of God have held me closely to an unchanged heart that purifies and convicts me to a refined excellence.
And it’s in moments like these that I am reminded of the speck that I was made to create in my Daddy’s Eyes. The sparkle that I was always intended to speckle in every sky. Before being safely packaged to exist in the constellation of my family’s skies. Before shooting across open fields of unsuspecting eyes. Before even understanding my sole purpose in this life: I was always made to SHINE!

I find myself parting my lips to spread across my face like the clouds in the sky after the storm. And, oh! How my smile is the sun after my life’s storms! For in the bleakest of nights, I’ve found my joy. In the tossing seas of Doubt and Fear, I’ve found my light. And it shines with such fierce brilliance that puts the brightest of all suns to shame.

It is my rock that remains constant in this road to My Eternal. It is the tears on my Savior’s hands as he contends for my soul and pleads for my heart. It is the blood on His brow as He hangs on my every word, my every thought, my everything, waiting for me to eagerly enter the gates of His Domain. & it is with Him, in my joy, that I shall Dwell forever. For the eternal heavens of His love thunder with my laughter and shine with my smile. I’ve found my joy again and now I shall dance in the Courts of His Renown. Glory.

Jazmyne is zealous for seeing God’s love reflected in the lives of the broken-spirited and the oppressed. She aspires to use her writing as a means to communicate His love to the world. Her dream is to help raise a generation of Christ-like individuals who help to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. You can read more of her work on her blog:

photo credit: challiyan

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