{Fly} Like a Bird

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Laura Krämer

This post was written for a September date, but when it was time to post I ended up writing this blog post instead. And really, I’’m not sure what brought it to mind to today. So, for whatever reason it did—I hope it was Him stirring me to post it for you. ~L

4203527303_ed56ae966aIt’s not every day when one is face to face with a superhero. So when one walked into my family room I jumped at the chance to interview him. After all, who better to know the brave life than an actual Superhero?

And before you start to doubt—yes, Superheroes are for real.

My point is proven simply by the fact this masked man (boy) came and rescued me from a blank screen in which words were supposed to fill for this very post. Superheroes are not only brave—they have impeccable timing.

You can listen to the interview with Brave Boy by clicking on the YouTube. Or you can read it below. If I were you…I would listen. It’s definitely worth the 2-ish minutes it will take out of your day. And then come back here for some heart thoughts on the interview.


Here is a super-condensed version of the interview with Brave Boy:

Me:      What does it mean to Live Brave?
BB:      It means to be not scared.

Me:      Are there things that you sometimes get scared of?
BB:      Sometimes.

Me:      What is the one thing you are sometimes scared of?
BB:      Falling off a cliff

Me:      How do you get brave… …and not be scared of those “cliff fallings”?
BB:      Fly like a bird.

Me:      What would you say to other 6 year olds on how to Live Brave?
BB:      God is always with you

Me:      What would you tell grown-ups who are scared of cliffs and falling?
BB:      Never let your fears come to you.

Brave Boy may be young, but his answers stirred something deep in me. So I began to write–because it’s in the writing where everything begins to make sense in my heart.

Here are my heart thoughts on what my Brave Boy shared with me. I would love to know what stirred in your heart as well.


Brave Boy never said the cliff itself scared him. No. It was falling off  the cliff. And really, who wouldn’t be scared of that? But the cliff itself didn’t bother him, which led me to wonder if cliffs were expected in the life of a superhero—like, it was part of the plan. But falling—nope, clearly that’s not part of the plan.

The plan is to fly…like a bird.


If we are meant to fly like a bird, and cliffs are part of this brave identity, well…there must be a point to this cliff, right?


The cliff gives us a place to launch from—and fly.

For all the times I’ve felt my toes hanging over the edge of the cliff, this next part is hitting me in profound ways…

To be at the cliff’s edge is a gift.

It’s a gift?

Good God. I never knew.

But it’s true. It is from this very place in which we launch, we take flight—and we soar.

It is the ultimate place of freedom and where we completely embrace our true identity. We soar over the valleys we once lived and fly high above the circumstances that once dragged us down by whispering lies we were alone. But we never were. Never.


I know it doesn’t always feel like it. The climb up to that cliff is a painful struggle. It’s hard to believe God is in the journey with you, let alone near. Especially when the climb turns at sharp corners you weren’t ready for. Or when the darkness of night never seems to lift to dawn’s light.

But remember when your foot slipped?—it was Him who caught you.

Or when you were too weary to go on?—it was Him who led you to a resting place.

Remember when you wanted to give up and just slide back down into the valley—it was His arms that carried you on.

Remember when you hung on for days and even years to the deep cleft in the  mountainside wishing death upon yourself—He wrapped Himself around you keeping you farther from death’s door.

It was His presence you felt every time hopelessness overwhelmed you. It was Him. Because even though He may seem quiet—God is always with you. Always.


Never let your fears come to you.

Never let your fears come

Never let your fears

Never let your

Never let


Just don’t even go there.

But know this—living in the truth of who you are becomes a shield to every lie the enemy wants to shoot at you.

God didn’t create you to fall. He designed you to fly. You were made for this cliff—for this flight.

Sweet beautiful soul, you were born to soar.

Yes, you


What fears do you allow to get in the way of walking out your true identity and destiny in life?

On the Brave journey with you,

Laura Krämer is a wife to Gerhard and mom to two very BRAVE boys. She chooses to be vulnerable with her soul journey with the hope of others finding healing in God. She is a vulnerability writer, grace speaker, heart holder and Jesus lover. Laura writes her journey at www.laurakramerministries.wordpress.com

photo credit: Chiot’s Run via photopin cc

6 thoughts on “{Fly} Like a Bird

  1. ah…I remember a cliff in my life…and God was definitely there when I stepped off! Your boy described it so well! (so did you!) I LOVE 6 year olds–they speak the truth so well! ❤

  2. The “aha” moment came for me when super hero (blonde boy) answered the questions. It wasn’t the questions or answers it was the inflection of HIS voice. So matter of fact and challenging me….”Why don’t you believe?” and he is RIGHT….”Why don’t we believe?”

  3. Wow I am blown away by the wisdom and bravery of your adorable little 6 year old! Superhero indeed. “Never let your fears come to you” – that is so profound! I need to focus on that daily.
    God has definitely been out there on the cliff with me a lot lately – holding my hand.

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