Weathered Driftwood

Today’s post comes from Brave Writer, Karen Asbra.  

Today I have written a poem that  I have put on my own blog.  It came from a challenge from a friend who said take a walk and see what you find that the Lord will highlight to you.  I had not idea at the time what I would find or what would come forth but I hope you enjoy!

It was a crisp Sunday afternoon as I was walking along the beach when I noticed a small piece of driftwood sitting in the sand.  It wasn’t overly beautiful or anything special yet it stuck out to me.  My first thoughts were weathered driftwood .  As I continued to look at it I couldn’t help but wonder what its story was.  How did this driftwood come to be?  As I wondered what our conversation would be like if I could ask, this is what I imagined it to be……



Driftwood oh driftwood on the beach you lay

I noticed you from a distance sitting on the sand today

Please tell me your story of how you came to be

A piece of driftwood instead of a tree…..

Yes dear child my story I will tell

But I hope you listen and you listen well

I once was a tree standing tall standing strong

Never did I think that all would go wrong

There was a time when the birds would come and rest

They would fly in and out as they built their nests

Children would come and hang a tire and swing

As they listened to the birds joyfully sing


My roots went deep and my branches tall

I never imagined one day I would fall

Storms of life would come and go

And for a time I weathered them so


People would come and rest in my shade

For on my trunk their bodies would they lay

A refuge from life, a shelter from their storms

They’d take comfort in me, their lives less scattered and torn


But after a while the storms seemed to come faster

I became weaker and weaker with each morning after

I lost sight of the sun, its warmth, and its rays

I lost sight of my beauty and of precious days


One day a storm blew and I could no longer stand

Down to the ground I went which was never my plan

Time went by again and again

And pieces of me spread all over the land


A flood came one day and took me away

Into an ocean so vast, so big, so strong

I weather some more as I floated along


Till one day when I landed on this shore

Thinking I have no value, none, no more

I am not what I was created to be

My life turned out different than I originally dreamed…..


Oh driftwood oh driftwood I know how you feel

Your story is too familiar and oh so real

The storms in my life have felt the same

It has caused me much sorrow and so much pain


Things have not turned out how I planned

Like you I feel weathered with no hope in hand

I feel I have no worth, no meaning, no value

I am no longer alone I’m so glad that I have found you


I too feel hidden, scared, and alone

Life has been hard I’ve lost the strength to stand on my own

I feel I’ve lost my beauty and sight of who I am

Can I just sit with you and dream of life’s missed plans?………


Oh child you’re wrong you are not like me

I can not go back and become a tree

You dear one still have a chance to be free

Free from your past, free to believe


Even though the storms of this life have left you tattered and torn

Its through your Creator you can be reborn

Your life is not over you have a story to tell

You are not alone there are others as well


So rise up dear one and be who you are

The Creator doesn’t see you all tattered and scarred

Your beauty surrounds Him

You were made in His image

So rise up dear one

And live this life you were given

Copyright @ 2013


Karen Asbra is happily married to Lance Asbra and has 3 amazing children.  She is a writer, song writer, and worship leader and enjoys bringing people into the presence and intimacy of God. You can visit Karen at her blog

6 thoughts on “Weathered Driftwood

  1. Karen, That is a powerful poem. May the Lord continue to take you on walks with Him so that you can share your journey, your gifting….share YOU with us! Thank you.

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