Let go and Let God

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Lindsay Munoz.

We counted down and released our balloons that held the dreams we hold on to too tightly and it was as if whatever was holding me back was released and freedom took its place.


As we were left to pray and ask the Lord what is next and what ‘releasing the balloon’ meant for each of us individually, God immediately whispered; ‘Let it go.’ He then brought me back to my dreams that I had released to Him and told me to stop thinking and start doing. Have you ever realized that the thing that hold us back is usually ourselves?

Instead of just living and representing Christ, I too often stress about what that really means and what that looks like and all the ways I am so not like Christ. I focus too much on how I am going to represent anything but Christ, rather that just living each moment as it comes and trusting that He will leave His mark, that He will come through and use me. He qualifies the called, He qualifies the ones that least expect it. I need to stop expecting living like Christ to look a certain way and just do it. If I just live obediently and continue to get to know God and His personality and what really touches and moves His heart, living like Him wont be a stressful dream but a peaceful reality.

As I was spending this quiet time conversing with God and just listening to all that He was revealing to me, I saw this flower.


I felt like it was a perfect representation of what I needed to do. I need to stop worrying about the process and just let it bloom naturally. I dont question how flowers go from a seedling, to a sprout, to a bud, to a beautifully bloomed flower; I just trust and know that it happens and the same needs to be said for me and my life. If I want to open a ministry that really speaks to everyone about what their true identity is and who their true identity is in; I need to stop worrying that I am not qualified to speak about identities because I still sometimes struggle with my own, but realize that that is where honesty and vulnerability and being relatable comes in. That is where I have to just let God be God and move the hearts of men and women and to allow Him to use me as He sees fit and just trust that He will put it all into place. If I want to live like Christ, I need to spend time with Him and let it happen, naturally.

So friends, as you read this I really hope God reveals to you your own dreams that you have been holding on to so tightly, unwilling to let go and that He gives you the strength to take that next step to release. In releasing you allow room to receive, and what He has to give you is so much better than anything you are grasping on to.

Lindsay Munoz is married to the love of her life and the mommy to two amazing kids. Her passion is for others to know how deeply loved they are by God. You can visit Lindsay at her blog at http://munozmama.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “Let go and Let God

    1. I am so glad Sharon! God totally knows what we need to hear, what pictures we need to see and what words we need to read to make it ‘click’ for us individually. I know when I saw that flower and the whole image and idea behind it was revealed to me, I felt this sense of ‘ahh…thats how it needs to be done.’ So thankful to have you on this journey with me. We all need to fellowship with people who just ‘get it’. blessings!!

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