{Play} is a Four-Letter-Word


Today’s post is written by our Live-Brave Founder, Lesley Glenn.  

I somehow managed to injure my back a few days ago, and have found myself laying flat since yesterday.  Not a very comfortable position to type in.  So, today, I am re-sharing a post that I wrote two years ago, on my original blog which is no longer in use.  Stay till the end and watch my {art} play video.  I was reminded of how important it is to stay engaged in my creative processes.  And while my style has changed so much in two years, it is the physical tapestry and record of my journey, and how important it is for me to also remember to…….{PLAY}    ~ Lesley 


Play –  to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

Children do this with passion and with intent.

They have their minds set to a place and time of which they will invent and activate from moment to moment.

They have no written plan, they make up the rules as they go.

They throw all caution to the wind and become the characters they dream about:

The superhero

The mom

The doctor

The teacher

The fireman

and they practice these roles.

Over and over again.


And somewhere along the way,

they stop.

Our starring roles are negated by culture, society and yes, even  our own  families.

Spontaneity is replaced by resolutions and written plans and a schedule.

and dreams get lost…..

{Play} is a four letter word –

It’s the one four letter word that LONGS to be used in our everyday conversations.

Because in our play, we gain the courage to BELIEVE in anything.

Lesley is a Wife. Mom. Friend. Sister. Daughter. Artist, and Writer. Stage 4 Cancer fighter.  She is an authentic. Passionate Risk Taker. The founder of Dandelion Wishes, Inc., A Social Justice Advocate  and Lover of Jesus. You can also find Lesley writing alongside her husband, Mike at http://www.mikeandlesleyglenn.org

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