It Is Finished

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Karen Asbra

I am not an artist in the sense that I can make money from my art but I like to call myself a prophetic painter.  Meaning, I paint, as best I can, what God shows me and so today I want to share it with you.

  It is titled “It Is Finished”   


God gave me a poem that goes with this painting that I share below.  We, including myself, need to stop living in the lies and brokenness that we see in our life.  We need to trust that He is God and that His plans for us our good.  We need to, as I call it, “get our brave on” and start living the life of fullness God has ordained for each of us and has already paid the price for.  I hope that you are encouraged with this today.




By: Karen Asbra

Why do we sit with anxiety and fear

And hold on to rejection like a friend so dear

Why do we let depression in

And fall into guilt, shame and give into sin

When Jesus came to take it away

Why do we cater to our afflictions and believe blindness and cancer can’t be healed

Why do we believe there is no hope and in that place to loneliness yield

When Jesus came to take it away

Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

Jesus came to save the world

In place of rejection He gave acceptance

In place of fear He gave courage

In place of anxiety He gave peace

Depression, blindness, poverty, and sin

On that dreadful day He took it all in

In place of lies He gives us truth

In place of hopelessness He gives us hope

For the loneliness and afflictions we do face

It is on the cross we see His grace

For it was on the cross He spoke the words

That all of creation on that day heard


So receive his forgiveness and all He had done

For you dear one, are the one He loves!


Copywright @2013

Karen Asbra is happily married to Lance Asbra and has 3 amazing children.  She is a writer, song writer, and worship leader and enjoys bringing people into the presence and intimacy of God. You can visit Karen at her blog

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