I Will Not Be Silent

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer Karen Asbra


I wanted to share a poem with you that I wrote awhile ago.  Last week I shared how shame can keep us silent.  As I thought about my own life shame is not what kept me silent but broken dreams, a lack of hope, and tiredness of spirit kept me quite.  Each of us has dreams and desires but I had let mine die.  I didn’t know how to speak out what my heart truly wanted nor did I believe that I had anything valuable to say because the pain and longevity of unseen hopes and desires slowly kept me silent.  Sure I would find the strength to rise again, hope again, believe again but as days turned into weeks, into months, and into years I developed a mindset that my hopes and dreams were never going to happen and that I had no value so why speak up.  It’s out of this place I wrote this poem and as you can see, I am silent no more.  May it encourage you to find your inner voice because you too have something important to say.



I Will Not Be Silent

By: Karen Asbra

Too many times I’ve pulled back

Seeing all the things I thought I lacked

Thoughts of rejection would hold me in fear

But I’ve come to a point where things are coming clear

I will not be silent


So many stories of courage to be told

An abundance of God’s love to behold

Why do I hold back as if I have nothing to say?

Because rejection came and took confidence away

I will not be silent


We all have a story to tell, to share

There are people who love me and really do care

Our stories are different in so many ways

But there are so many similarities on any given day

I will not be silent


So what am I to do with what I go through?

I am to speak them out and share them with you

I need to share my life with you as you share with me

So that all of us can grow together and reach our destiny

I will not be silent


So fear be quiet and take a back seat

It’s time for you to cower in retreat

I will no longer listen to the lies in my head

I will walk and speak in God’s truth instead

I will not be silent


God’s love abounds with mercy and grace

The goodness of His love in my heart will I place

I will share the good and share the bad

For it’s my Savior’s heart I want to make glad

I will not be silent


So as I end this poem with others in mind

It’s God Almighty I want to show divine

To Him I give the glory and honor that is due

For His love is perfect for me and for you!

I will not be silent



Karen Asbra is happily married to Lance Asbra and has 3 amazing children.  She is a writer, song writer, and worship leader and enjoys bringing people into the presence and intimacy of God. You can visit Karen at her blog http://lanceandkarenasbra.com

photo credit: LifeSupercharger via photopin cc

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