{Holy} Heart Alignment

Today’s post is written by our Brave Writer, Laura Krämer

Sharpie Tattoo-I am trusting {HIM}


Pain surged throughout my body as I lay flat on my back. The damage done to my car a few days earlier was finding its way into my body with a vengeance. It hurt to move. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sleep. It hurt to breathe. And here I was on a not-so-soft-table with the hoping for relief through the expert hands of my chiropractor.


His grip around my neck was firm, yet gentle. With confidence he thrust my head to one side in which a pop sound echoed in my ears. My head was then carefully lay back down on the table. I took in a deep breath. He wasn’t done—there was more work to do.


He then lifted my head and torso to lean in towards him. It was not only painful, but vulnerable to be away from the security of the strong table just inches below me. And somewhere in the midst of my pain—panic took over…and I tried to help my healer.


I used my energy, my strength, my ability to hold myself up and move into where I was meant to be. My “help” was not welcome from the healer, in which he encouraged me by saying,


“Let me hold you.


I’ve got you, kiddo.


Just lean in.”


Everything I did to “help” my doctor worked in opposition to his techniques. What If I didn’t lean in? What if I didn’t allow him to hold me? What if I fought the healer—than what?


I would still be a mess.


And it hurt to be a mess.


And to be honest, my mess—my pain—exceeded my physical body. It wasn’t my spine that needed an adjustment that morning, it was my soul.


I took in a deep breath and heard one word rise above it all.




The word pressed deep into my spirit and rang loud in my ears. The Lord was calling me to trust Him. Not just in my physical pain, but in my brokenness.


Hot tears welled up in my eyes. I had to trust. My healing was contingent upon being held, leaning in, and trusting. I needed to believe the truth. He was going to take care of me. He was going to heal me. I just needed to let Him do the work.


Let Me hold you.


I’ve got you, Beloved.


Just lean in…to Me.


Sweet Hurting Soul, live brave today and lean in to Him for a {holy} alignment to go straight to your heart and bring healing to your aching soul. You can trust Him. You really can.

On the journey with you,



Laura Krämer chooses to be vulnerable with her soul journey with the hope of others finding healing in God. She is a vulnerability writer, grace speaker, heart holder and Jesus lover. Laura writes her journey at www.laurakramerministries.wordpress.com

Sharpie Tattoo an original design by Laura Kramer


7 thoughts on “{Holy} Heart Alignment

  1. The timing of this brings tears to my eyes. I’ve been in a funk all morning about the areas of brokeness in my life. One area in particluar has me in a waiting stage. The “not knowing” is driving me crazy, and it really comes down to Trusting Him! So thank you for this very timely reminder!

  2. Thanks for touching the deep things of my heart today. Trust is my word for the year and I am still learning to lean in and let Him hold me, especially when I feel I should be well by now. But He knows the journey I’m on and He will never leave my side.
    Grace and peace to you Laura!

  3. What a beautiful picture you paint as you continue to share your soul and the pain that our precious Saviour allows in our lives to bring us closer to Him. It is in Him that we move and live and you are doing this in your life and sharing with others and touching needy hearts……love you….Uncle Gene

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