Dethroned by None

A poem by Jazmyne Tamar



Try as I might, my jewels don’t shine as brilliantly as they should.

My lament fogs my judgment and my joy has been clouded with lies of sorrow and mourning.

I should be happy.

I should be dancing in Your Presence with songs of death conquered by Your Life on my tongue.

Yet, I’m lying here withered like a rose left for dead in the scorching heat of hell’s wrath.

I lift my eyes to gaze into your heavenly throne, where I once sat at your feet in awe of You.

I lift my head to gaze into your heavenly temple, where I once danced to a love song I wrote for You.

Though my joy has dimmed in brilliance since the last time I’ve seen you, you still smile upon me with adoration that swells my heart to burst with acceptance and assurance that you won’t leave me.

I am complete in You.

I am nothing without this Love that you shower onto me, daily.

Whether or not I’ve prepared myself for The Floodgates’ blessings, you give to me so freely.

I bathe in the waters of your Restoration.

Your blood is the source of my salvation.

Your scars have healed me.

Your death has freed me.

Your Resurrection has redeemed me.

I find my royal place in Your Kingdom, forever, because you came back just for me.

Yet, I’m lying here beaten like a slave without a cause for justice in the presence of her oppressors.


I can hear Your Sacrifice beckoning me to return Home to you.

I can hear Your Heart calling out to me to restore to me my inheritance that I threw away for the world’s “glory.”

Though I’ve blatantly rejected Your Love, time after time, you still desire to captivate me as your Treasured One.

Your grace fulfills me.

Your love consumes me.

Your presence restores me.

I am found in the presence of Your Glorious Countenance, once again.

I reflect your smile with flushed cheeks and butterflies.

You make me beautiful with Your Unfailing Love.

As I pursue You, faithfully and fearlessly, I find myself in love again.

A joy rushes over me like waves on sand when you call out to me, by name.

My ears turn to you, in faithful anticipation of Your Will.

I desire nothing but to follow you wherever you may lead me.

I am in love with You.

While I was lying beaten, broken, and lost, you cradled me in your arms and carried me into Your Presence.

You never left me.

My sin-tainted soul was made new and whole in You.

I’ve been Forgiven.

My feet have been washed in Your Steadfast Love.

My head adorned with the crown of Grace.

My joy has been restored to me.

My title never reassigned to that of another.

You call me Irreplaceable and I answer, “You are Matchless.”

So I shall remain esteemed in your courts, for you’ve called me Daughter.

Your Favor continues to reign over me, unrelenting, as you pursue my heart, forever.

No longer will I remain broken and subdued to the wills of the Cursed Land.

I shall dwell in The House of the Lord, fearlessly and free, forever!

The world may call me “damaged goods” but you call me Treasured.

My identity sealed in The Truth that you speak and the Promises that you’ve spoken.

My destiny sealed by the Path that you’ve set before me.

My feet shall strike no stone in vain.

My brow shall not sweat without avail.

My eyes shall not cry without your hearing my heart.

I am Your Princess, Your Daughter.

I am Called by You, the King of all Kings.

“Here am I!”

Brave to the core and dethroned by none.

photo credit: Juergen Kurlvink via photopin cc

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