You can not be replaces

I didn’t really know you, but I cried for you today.

I cried because you are so young and you felt you had no way out.

I cried because you are irreplaceable.

My heart literally hurts as the tears flow down my face.

Tears for your family.

Tears for your destiny.

Tears for your life.

You didn’t realize how loved you were. You didn’t realize you were wanted.

I try to be brave but the idea of you taking your own life devastates me.

I try to be brave but as a parent, the idea of this happening to one of my kids terrifies me.

I want to wail and scream. Cry out for LIFE.

Pain and anger grips me.

Where were You, Father?

Why didn’t You scream that You love her, that she was beautiful, that she was chosen; over Satan’s stifling whispers of self-hate, abandonment, and loneliness?

There are so many things I wish would have been said.

Despair seems to overwhelm you, but trust me it will pass.

You are worth so much more than you can fathom, please just hold out.

Fight for your life; don’t give up on it now!

Death seems like an option but please reach out, you don’t have to battle this alone.

You’ve already been given victory! All hope is not lost!

The enemy deceives you, but my God, He saves.

He mends the broken hearted and removes all your pain.

He restores the dead to the living, breathes life upon you now.

He brings joy for your sorrow and beauty for your ashes.

Your identity is His beloved, a daughter of the King.

I know in my heart that Jesus saved you, caught you up in His arms.

Your suffering has ended and you are now in the heavenly realms.

You will feel unconditionally loved every moment of eternity and knowing that comforts me.

You have inspired me to live my life differently; to no longer leave a mediocre impression.

To make sure everyone I meet leaves feeling loved and not waste a single moment.

To use patience and respond in love, gentleness, kindness, and with self-control.

I will remember that joy runs deeper than despair and that it’s not a feeling but CHOICE

And I’ll do everything in my power to give the broken a voice.


Side note: My sisters (and family) just suffered the loss of one of their oldest and closest friends to suicide this week. As a result, I felt this prayer on my heart and felt that I needed to share it here:

Father God I just declare right now that the enemy no longer has a strong hold over the lives of the broken in Jesus name. Father, step in and rescue your children. I declare life over those who are contemplating suicide; that they would know how wide and how deep and how big Your love is for them. I ask that their identities would be revealed to each and every one of them and that they would not just know but understand what it means to be your beloved. That they would seek You and Your joy before succumbing to the lies of the enemy. I speak the truth of who You are Lord and that nothing would ever be able to sway them from your truth again. Each and every life is so precious and valuable Father. Please forgive me for the times I do not represent You well. Help me to be more like You in every way. Help me to speak LIFE and not death, to bring up and not tear down. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name.


If you or someone you know is in crisis and thinking about suicide, please click on this link and talk to someone NOW.   Lifeline

Another very informative website is To Write Love On Her Arms.


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