Karen’s Personal Brave

Welcome, our next Brave Writer, Karen Asbra.  

As she lay there with the covers up over her head there is a war going on; A fight between her heart and her mind, her spirit and her body.

The sound of a loud voice cries “NO” while a gentle voice cries “Yes.”

She doesn’t want to get up and face another day.  Fear has already arrived telling her that there is no reason to get up.  Why bother?  If you get up things will just get worse.  Fear’s friend, Lie, shows up and tries to convince her that there is no hope.  Yet, it’s that gentle voice that comes in like a wave of love.  It says,

“Get up!  I want you to write a book of your journey.  Your experiences have always and will continue too encourage others.  There is value in what you have to say.”

Those words rushed in to her spirit like a huge shot of adrenaline.  She shot out of bed with vigor and excitement.  She now knew what she needed to do.  Encourage others with experiences from her life.

Karen Asbra


That was me one morning in March of 2013.  My husband had recently been let go from his job and the house we were renting was going up for sale and we had to move yet again.  This was not the first time we had faced unemployment or had been forced to move but it was the first time we faced both at the same time.  Years of struggle and hope lost had taken a toll.  I was broken, as well as broken hearted.  However, it was in this place that I had to make a choice.  I could give into brokenness and stay in bed or I could be brave and get up and face this next phase of my life with as much bravery that I could muster.

I chose to be brave, get up, and begin writing.

It was that morning that I began writing my book and soon after that Lesley asked me to partner with her and participate in Live Brave Not Broken.  I need to be honest and let you know that this  is a choice I have to make every day.  It is not always easy in the midst of trial to be brave.  There are plenty of days I fall and want to give up, crawl back into bed, and put the covers over my head.

Yet,  on that brave day something shifted in me!

A purpose and a hope began to arise and no matter how many bad days I have, I seem to always have enough brave left to get back up.

The truth:

The truth was that there would be no hope, no future, and no promise to be fulfilled if I gave up.  I can only reach my potential as I choose to be brave in my weak moments.  The choice was mine.  For those of you facing the same decision I want to encourage you to just make the choice and get back up.  We all have areas of brokenness that try to keep us down but you have more strength in you than you think.  As you ponder these truths today what set of circumstances or areas of brokenness in your life are getting you down?  Will you choose today to be brave and get up no matter how difficult things may look?  

Be encouraged!

You have a community of Live Brave readers cheering you on!

~Karen Asbra

5 thoughts on “Karen’s Personal Brave

  1. Thanks Karen – for being a beautiful example of Brave – your authenticity and story inspire me to continue on my Brave journey.

    “I can only reach my potential as I choose to be brave in my weak moments.” – just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

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