13 Years

Day #26

Sometimes I forget that I also co write a blog with my husband.

So today, I am asking that you join me over on our blog, Miraculous Life, to read my newest post.


If the days seem a bit off to you, it’s because for me this is my day #26 of radiation having taken off the last week to move my daughter into her dorm at the University of Hawaii.

My radiation burns are pretty intense and I have been glad for the reprieve.  I am almost done with this leg of my journey and I can’t be happier.

Read on.


August 2000-  Corona, CA 

She lays sprawled out on the back side of the couch, clothed in a red jumper dress.   Her blue backpack already adhered on her back.

She’s five.   And on this day, it was her first day of kindergarten.


She’s anxious for her two older brothers to hurry and finish eating breakfast.  She doesn’t want to be late. (She never wants to be late.)   She had what the kids nowadays call, “FOMO”  or the Fear of Missing Out.

My youngest child, and only daughter brimming with excitement at this next season of her life.  Delight flowed out of her and every experience and situation she encountered in her then short life, was just another adventure for her.

You can read the rest of the blog here.  

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