Raising {Brave} Children



We lay side by side on my bed.

Just hanging out.  Like best girlfriends.

Not saying much but relishing our last few moments of being together as mom and daughter before she leaves for college.

She has always been my cuddle bug, moving into a hug, grabbing my hand and intertwining her fingers with mine.

I silently pray that it never changes.  I am so grateful.

My thoughts go through 18 years of being her mom.

And yet, I wonder what it is like to “be” her.   In her mind.  In her thoughts.  So I ask;

“Did you ever think this day would come, where you would be leaving and going to college pursuing your dreams?”  

Her response;

“Yes mom, of course.  I knew this day would happen.”  

Her response took me back a little.  But why?  Her dad and I raised her to “BE BRAVE” , so why should her confidence and expectation to realize her dreams be lacking.


Four hours later, while on the plane, she makes this post on Instagram.

So, here I am sitting on the plane, waiting to take off, and all I can think about is how happy I am to have had the life, friends and experiences that I’ve had for the past 18 years.  And while the people and memories are hard to let go of, I’m excited to make new ones.  I am leaving California with a full heart and a huge smile thanks to all of you. I love you and can’t wait to be back and see you all.  So goodbye Caliiiii.  It has been one hell of a ride.  You treated me well.  HELLLLOOOOOO  Hawaii.  I am ready for ya.  

My eyes start to leak, because  at that moment, I am so proud to BE her mom.  To have had a part in raising her BRAVE, and in being able to release her to fly into her own destiny.

Knowing full well, she too, will be a world changer.


7 thoughts on “Raising {Brave} Children

  1. YOU are amazing my friend ! It takes a brave mommy and daddy to make brave children.
    With reluctant fingers we let go of their little hands into the great hand of God as they walk out to face the big world.
    Yes that takes a lot of braveness !

    1. You are right. Letting my children “go” to find their own way in the world has been harder for me in some ways than dealing with cancer. It’s like letting go little bits of your heart at a time. Thank you so much for visiting the blog today Shampa.

  2. Love her, and you. Brave moms raise brave children. I will have to remember this when my boy is ready to leave next year…

  3. Job well done! Traveling to other countries, traveling across the ocean for college – she is brave indeed. Just like her momma!

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