Room With A View.


I am about a week behind on everything.

We moved recently from a 3,000 sq foot home to a 1100 sq foot home, and I thought I could manage this  great task amidst cancer treatment.

Because radiation is not like chemotherapy.  Right?

Right!   It’s not.

I am  still functional.  Where as I wasn’t with chemo.  AT ALL.

My hair is still growing.  Where as I was bald with chemo.

I am not being poked and prodded with needles every week, like I was with chemo.


The side effects of radiation are silent.

They creep  up on you.

Your skin starts to feel a bit  sunburned.

Then all of a sudden the fatigue hits.

And you are down.  And you hate it.  I hate it.

Because for the past three months I have worked hard in getting my health back to top condition.

Now all of sudden, I am OUT again.

It’s just different this time.

Not only is this a different treatment,  but I am in a different home, and a different community, away from my familiar for 13 years.

And yet……Brave calls out.

Not  because I have to be brave, but because I trust the one who makes me brave.

I trust the Brave in the Broken.

I trust HIM in me.

I trust HIM.

Live Brave Question 

Is there a situation where you are having to face a new type of Brave, because of unfamiliarity.?  Tell us about it on the facebook page.



4 thoughts on “Room With A View.

  1. Your bravery, trust and faith are making mine stronger every day. I’ve never felt closer to God and I thank you for your part in that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey.

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