Be Brave, Be Free

Day #13

While I am busy moving my family to Long Beach, I have asked Karen Asbra to be a guest blogger.  Karen is an amazing and talented songwriter, musician, vocalist, and worshipper.  She and her husband Lance, have definitely walked the “LIVE BRAVE, NOT BROKEN” journey since Mike and I met them both,  a couple years ago.

I am honored to have her share her heart with all of you today.



Be Brave, Be Free
Recently my husband and I have been in the process of writing books detailing events of our life.  As I asked God what I should say He highlighted a time in our life where we went through much grief.
It was February 1992 and we had just lost our second child nine days before she was due.  Previous to her death we had plans in motion to move to Richmond, VA for ministry work.  After her death we had to make a decision; should we stay with our families and let them surround us or do we still move?
We chose to move.
My story is a physical illustration of what many of us need to do in the spiritual.  All of us have areas of brokenness but we tend stay in a place of brokenness and back off from ministry or even our relationships.  We need to be brave enough to seek healing at the feet of Jesus while we go forward.
In this we become free of that which will hinder us and it will allow us to become all that Jesus destined us to be.  Therefore, what is that area of brokenness God is highlighting to you that you need to be brave and give to Him?
 Will you be brave enough to share that area with someone else?
 Someone who can lovingly walk you through.
-Karen Asbra

photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography via photopin cc

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