Live Brave Pictures and Stories (Giveaway Winner)

Day #12

Thank you to everyone who sent in their “LIVE BRAVE, NOT BROKEN” pictures. Each one tells a story of how these BRAVE souls are choosing to live with intention.

Please keep sending your pictures in. The world needs to hear your story.

Your Brave Story.


Karen Asbra –

This is a picture that I painted a while ago. I named I breakthrough. The last few weeks have been tough for my husband and I with neither of us having any income coming in. I am, today, believing for breakthrough and am putting this painting in my room to remind me of God’s promises.



Sharon Cesena –  Is finding her voice.



Kimberly Garavito – Walking in ownership in ALL areas



David Andrews – Here’s what living brave looks like to me.  A friend and myself run Brand New Heart Ministries.  We run Men’s Retreats to help men find their own heart and their heart for God – as men. The brave part is getting these retreats off the ground. There is so much static and opposition – it’s a real challenge getting them up and running.  The other brave part is sharing our own stories of adventure, battle and beauty. God is good and gracious though.



Suzanne Hanks – Living a new adventure in Texas



(there was no name or story that came with this one…so if this is yours, please contact me ASAP, at, so we can put your story on here too )


Sharon Cesena  –  Please let me know the size of the tank you would like and I will get it off to you next week as we are in the middle of moving.

God Bless everyone.


One thought on “Live Brave Pictures and Stories (Giveaway Winner)

  1. How exciting!! Thank you so much!! Please send me a Large. I have been wearing mine and have gotten several compliments so I will be giving it to a friend. HUGS!!!
    And love the stories of these brave people – thanks for sharing!

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