Living In Hope

Day #10


We are a quarter of the way in this “Live Brave” journey.

10 days of radiation and I am beginning to feel a bit of a sunburn in the field where B*rad zaps me everyday.

10 days of driving to and from Orange County, traffic, no traffic, its like a full time job, but one I am embracing fully because of the hope down the road, of being cancer free.  Forever.

We all need a HOPE.

We would never have ventured down this road if we didn’t have hope that something was going to turn out just a bit different, that something might change for us, in us.

If we didn’t have hope, we would give up.  Quit.

But our trust, expectation, assurance, conviction and belief in a God who is hope himself leads us to press on.  Press in.

Today, I want to share this Ted Talk by Nick Vujicic.   You are probably familiar with his story, born without arms and legs and yet is one of the most inspirational speakers out there.  He will move you to tears as he not only shares about his BRAVE journey, but encourages us all in ours.  He lives Hope!

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you Monday.


photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc

One thought on “Living In Hope

  1. HOPE – it was my word earier this week in an art class when everyone had to say their name and one word they were feeling (well actually it was HOPEful). This Live Brave journey has filled me with more hope than I had been feeling in the recent past. Though their have been “mess ups” in my Brave, I am still filled with HOPE.

    Awesome, moving video – thanks for sharing!

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