Brave Children

Day #8


I could see it in their eyes.

Something was not right.

I gently put my hand on their’s and whispered, “What happened?”

And the tears started to flow.

My child; heartbroken.

As a mom, (parent) the first thing you want to do, when you see them hurt or in danger is protect.

You look for the source of the pain, and try to make it right.

You want to hold accountable someone, something,  for the distress your child is feeling.

But sometimes you can’t, because it’s not anyone’s or anything’s fault.

It’s just life.  

And growing up can be painful.

So you muster up “Brave” for them, allow  them  to grieve in their own broken place, and when the time is right, gently prop them back up on the path and encourage them in the direction to go.

It’s up to them, whether they take the steps to go in the brave direction, or to sit and wallow in the broken.  And we as parent’s can’t force them, we can only extend grace and love.

Their brave must come from the deep places of themselves.

Four days later, our child, has dusted themselves off, looked pain square in the face and has decided that they are going to live this part of their journey with courage.

Even though it hurts.  A lot.

I think living brave for our children, is harder than living brave for ourselves.

Live Brave Question #8 

Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to stand by and watch your child collide with their brave and broken?  Tell us about it.


photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt via photopin cc

One thought on “Brave Children

  1. Awe yes…from breakups with first loves and mean girlfriends, to the death of friends, and losing their love and passion for a sport because of a coach. It all hurts me as much as it hurts them but I have to put that aside and be there for hugs, a listening ear, or words of comfort. I think the hardest thing for me is when they’re hurting and don’t share and keep it all inside. My daughters are 29 and 23 but my prayer is to still be able to instill Brave and Grace in them.

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