Just Another Day.

Day #7

Just Another Day.


This morning I am facing a sinus infection, a house in disarray because of packing and moving, piles of laundry, and a dog food bowl covered in ants.

– the sinus infection – you know when you are not feeling well, and you just want to stay in bed. I am mustering up the energy to get dressed , brush my teeth and head out for my daily appointment with B*rad.

-the packed up house – why does it always happen,  I need something and then realize I already packed it away.  Half of my house is in the garage ready to be loaded in the truck. The other half lays piece meal over 2700 square feet of house. Moving day is next week.

– loads of laundry – WAIT. Didn’t I just do this two days ago? 

– bugs – Gross. They seem to have come out in droves since they caught wind we were moving.

None of these requiring any stretch of brave to say the least, but each insisting that I “show up” for them, and do what needs to be done, to get through the day.

Sometimes our brave is not in some monumental event,circumstance or situation. It is found quietly hidden within just the normal everyday,and all we have to do is show up for it. Sometimes, these mundane, boring and tiresome tasks, set the stage for us to move into something bigger where we need to don our brave attire but more often than that, it is just life.

And life is a brave feat in and of itself.

Live Brave Question #7

What are you having to “show up”  for today?


photo credit: *Kicki* via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Just Another Day.

  1. Somehow I feel like this validates me. Every day…just waking up, getting up and showing up– is brave. I don’t have a life-threatening illness–or any crisis I’m heading up against. It’s the normal stuff of life… And so it seems most days for me are “just another day”. Ordinary. Thanks for validating that even these days are “brave-worthy”

  2. Ya, what Laura said. 🙂

    My answer to Day #7 question was going to be – showing up for work – and dealing with everyone/everything that comes at me, with grace.

    But Laura said it so much more eloquently. 🙂

  3. Well, right now I have to zip my mouth: we have to move in with my father-in-law. He needs our help and we can’t afford to live in his neighborhood. However, he would like us to move next door (the house is for sale). Then, I would have to run two households. I need all the grace available to keep my mouth shut!

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