When Your Brave Gets {Messed} Up.

Day #3

Dear Brave Souls.

So yesterday I had a little bump in the brave journey.

As a matter of fact, my brave got  messed up for a bit.

Watch this…

Sometimes, its just the way it is going to go, your brave plan gets a bit side swiped by an encounter, event, conversation, or any other thing that might trigger a not so good reaction.

And so it was with me, and the death of Talia Joy.    It was and is okay for me to be sad, especially the feelings of sorrow and grief of her parents who just lost their child.  I can not even imagine that.  However, it’s not okay for me to relate her death to my own journey and life.  I needed to be sure and process, that what I was feeling was on the correct side of the grid.

When those moments come, we have to be able to recognize them, embrace them and then allow ourselves to process through them . Not to brush them under the rug and think our reactions are ridiculous and move on.  Because chances are, you are going to come round this mountain more than once until you can articulate the why, when and how?

One  LIVE BRAVE participant, Jamie Dean,  had this to say,  today on the facebook page:

Quite frankly, today is one of those days I don’t want to be Brave. Under the weight of ‘it all.’ I suppose you can call it stubborn. Or maybe irrational, immature, selfish. I’m going to call it Transparent. Until the greatness of tomorrow…

Personally, I think that is probably the “BRAVEST” thing she did today.  Transparency, that her day may have been less than brave, but then her declaration of the future and t he, “greatness of tomorrow.”  I absolutely love that.

It’s what a BRAVE one would say .

Live Brave Question #3. 

So tell us, what was the bravest thing you did yesterday?

Let’s share  and cheer each other on,  over on our Live Brave, Not Broken facebook page.

I still would love to hear your processes on the colliding of  your Brave and Broken.

Until tomorrow; peace and grace on your Live Brave journey.


PS: You can find the link for the ETSY shop to purchase a Live Brave, Not Broken tank top in the right side bar.

And tomorrow, I will post about the giveaway for one of these tank tops.

8 thoughts on “When Your Brave Gets {Messed} Up.

  1. Love and hugs and more hugs to you Lesley!!

    3) the bravest thing I did yesterday was post on this site about my damaged relationship with my mom. I honor her and feel bad when I share my story because it includes her. Yet my struggle helps others, so I’m tangled in my swirls

    1. Your words become a testimony for others to hear and proclaim..”do it again” Lord. You have shed light into a dark spot and like it says in Revelation 12:11, They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.
      Swirl embracing is not for the faint of heart.

  2. Hi Lesley, my heart felt condolences to all who were touched by the young girl who passed. It makes me very angry as well when the enemy attacks children! But I am learning that my anger can be turned into something phenomenal, and I can destroy the enemy by exposing him! From the brave definition, two words jumped out at me, ‘unflinching Warrior’. That is my new name for this season, that I know for me will be one that I just do things regardless of any fear or lack of confidence, I will stand, speak, and tell my story exposing the enemy and in doing so walk in complete freedom and set others who have been held captive free! I feel like I want to physically fist fight (I’m being honest here) when I get pumped up about what’s been taken from me! As my brother stated the other night, not only did my abuser (who is really a device of the enemy, not the person) steal my childhood, teenage yrs, high scl, marriage, perception of men, a healthy view of sex, trust of men, and it’s affected my eating habits, my health, my parenting, my view of life, my perception of living my own life, my career goals, every single aspect if my life has been affected by the enemy! He killed my twin in the womb but didn’t kill me! And He has never relented. I see Him, I know what darkness, deception, and schemes of the enemy look like! And I’m here to expose Him! It’s on! So Lesley, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you, you’ve given me courage, motivation, willingness, your using what the enemy meant for evil n turning it around for Gods goodness!!!! We are a Holy Fire and like a flame that burns and spreads to a brush fire then an inferno WE ARE LIVING BRAVE NOT BROKEN!!!! I love you my friend, God knew what He was doing when He put you n Mike in my life 18. Yrs ago and now it’s time for me to walk in His purpose for my life. I feel like a boxer in a rink and I’ve got my towel around my neck, robe on, I’m warming up getting ready to knock the enemy out!!!! BAM!

  3. First, I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing for others in your BRAVE journey through cancer. You are giving me a new hope that radiates through me every day now!

    The bravest thing I did yesterday was post on the FB page that my Brave and Broken collide in my marriage – specifically our communication or lack there of. Like your reader Gretchen, I have always been a private person and feel bad when it comes to sharing when it involves another person. But it was my first step in overcoming my fear of “not sharing my feelings.” My husband could very well read that post in his newsfeed, and I thought about that long and hard before pressing “post.” Very brave step for me indeed. I just know God will be right by my side wherever this leads me.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart – You are the truest example of a BRAVE and real person than anyone I have ever known.

    1. WOW WOW! Girl, if you were near, I would give you a huge hug and then a high 5. Your feelings are valid. Your feelings are real. Your feelings given to you by a God who loves humanity and created us with them. So Brave. Hugs!! xxoo

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