Welcome to the Movement

It’s day #1 and I am so excited that you have decided to come along on this journey with me on Living Brave, Not Broken.

So what is this journey all about?

It’s about LIVING OUR BRAVE out loud.  It’s about taking those places that want to break us and saying….NO, we won’t stand for it.

It’s about grabbing ahold of our true identities and being brave enough to live them out without fear.

I invite you to first watch this vlog on what this whole “LIVE BRAVE, NOT BROKEN” movement is going to look like.


So let me be honest and say, that my first “LIVE BRAVE” moment was publishing this video because you could see the  toilet in the background. HA! I had to sit in the hallway of my bathroom for good lighting. And after about 4 takes, I wasn’t about to do it again.

So here is the plan one more time.

*This is an organic movement. We are going to let it evolve as we go along. It’s going to be fun. Everyone gets to participate as much or as little as they want. Let it be personal. Let it be corporate. It’s a movement.

*It’s going to last for 40 days or 8 weeks. Monday – Friday. Today is day #1. I am going to have a hiccup in the timing in mid August, but I will get to that when I get to that.

*It’s going to be organic – characterized by continuous or natural development.

*Your Live Brave, Not Broken will look different than someone else’s. It may be one specific area of your life, such as mine, as I deal with cancer, or it may be two or it may change every day. Be willing to let go and let the process grow within you naturally. Don’t force it. If you feel like you have to work at Living Brave, then you are missing it. Living Brave should lead you to FREEDOM. So have grace for yourself and take it one step at a time.

*Its organic. I know I keep saying this, but it is so very important to me, that there are no expectations but to visit the blog and the facebook page and jump in and participate when you want and as often as you want. Of course the more you are intentional in your LIVE BRAVE, NOT BROKEN, the more freedom you will witness.

So “Live Brave” question #1 –

What does Living Brave, Not Broken look like to you. Comment on the Live Brave, Not Broken facebook page and I will pull a few of them and post them on the blog in the next couple days.

The only thing I ask is that we encourage one another and not give advice. We aren’t here to analyze anyone’s bravery, as we are all at different places in our journey’s and each of them, unique.

As with everything else…I will continue to build on this website and tweek it as we go along.

If you want to be sure you get every post, please be sure to subscribe to the blog.  The subscribe button is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks so much for joining me.

So here we go…..


PS.  I will be giving away one of our new Live Brave tank tops, and details will come out tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Movement

  1. Love this first vlog. Here for you. Proud of your bravery that inspires me to be brave. I’m feeling your word “organic”. I thought I already knew what “my brave” would look like…but I want the freedom in it looking different as well. I will post on the facebook page when I figure that out 🙂

  2. The word organic totally hit home with me as well and im not quite sure why yet. really looking forward to hearing from the Lord and learning the areas in which i need to live brave. im not sure where yet but i just feel like God is saying YES. thank you for your vulnerability and bravery and for your willingness to listen to the Lord and facilitate a place for people to be truly set free.

    1. Hey Lindsay. I love your heart. Its the reason why you will have great breakthrough, because you have no idea how it’s going to work and yet, you are willing to go through the process. I am pretty much done with self help books, as I realize we are just all so unique in how we approach life and God. His response to us is very individual as well. Can’t wait to see what he is up to. I will be following your journey as well. ❤

  3. Lesley, thank you for being so willing to openly share your life journey. In your vlog ‘we all have brokenness, but we’re not supposed to live there’ made me emotional. I have sat in my brokenness much to long. These 40 days- 8 weeks, will be life changing, if I’m willing to surrender and allow Him to truly heal those places!
    Love you,

  4. Lesley, your organic openness had me bending not just my ear but my heart. I can see your brokenness and it brought me to tears n more tears. I’m so proud to call you my friend, honored to join the journey with you. I know that GOD is trustworthy, so even though the next 40 days may be unpredictable, we embark each moment with God and the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide. I love you and you can count on me to be on your team Go Brave or Go Home!!! I mean Live Brave Not Broken! XOXO

  5. I am living brave because I chose to be a stay-at-home Mom against all financial advise of all of our family and friends. My daughter has wheat/gluten, dairy and soy allergies. I chose to be there for her instead of trying to deal with the day-to-day problems arising at school from her allergies.

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